Guitar Hero 5 cioscorps help... and i need to unstaill something....

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    i follwed 2 ways the one with cios corps and the the guitar hero 5 topic... this is what i did and i want to get rid of it...

    And in SoftChip select IOSxxx it should work.. (where IOSxxx == the IOS you chose to install as).
    Check the update list I posted above against the IOS you have installed on your system. It might help to solve your problem.

    Note: the multi-cios installer is kind of funky to use.
    Use the D-pad to control what you are installing...
    Left / Right on the D-pad chooses the IOS you are installing as in my case I chose IOS248 (left once).
    Up / Down on the D-pad chooses the custom IOS and IOS rev7 dip (down 3 times will result in IOS37 with IOS37).

    So to make is super easy:
    •Load the multi-cios installer using HBC.
    •Press LEFT once to select to install as IOS248.
    •Press DOWN three times to select to install custom IOS37 with IOS37 rev7 dip.
    •Press A to install.

    •Load SoftChip using HBC.
    •Press + to select to use IOS248.
    •Enable the 002 error patch (I verified this is required).
    •Press A to load game.

    •Rock out with your **** out!
    I guess I should add that if you want DS link-ability you will need to have IOS56 installed, preferably the one that comes with the game (IOS56-64-v5146).
    But people have reported it working on older versions of IOS56 as well.

    also i get an error with the disc... and i burned it with out removeing anything...

    should i have removed something please let me know...