Guitar Hero 3 Help (GeckoOS)

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    Ok, so I have recently gotten GH3 and am up to the final battle on medium with Lou and he is too hard for me D:. So I went and did some research and found some stuff about expert mode glitches but that wont help me. Anyway I have had Ocarina sitting in my Homebrew Channel for a while now and I decided to use it when it said "Application not valid" (Which I think is due to my Wii being 4.0E system menu) or somewhat which I remember why I never was using it in the first place. So after a bit more research I stumbled upon a thread on some forum somewhere saying that Ocarina is outdated and that you should use Gecko Os. So I downloaded that and put it on the Homebrew Channel and it works. So after looking around the internet and on for Guitar Hero 3 cheat codes, all they have are codes that aren't PAL for GH3.

    My main point is, is there any other website which provides Gecko OS codes for GH3 PAL which can help me defeat Lou?

    EDIT: Will NTSC-US or NTSC-JP codes work with PAL?