Guinness World Records Announces Top 10 Mario Records

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    May 23rd marks his triumphant return in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and to celebrate the highly anticipated release the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition highlights 10 of the premier Mario records featured in this year's book.

    Have a sneak peak:

    Short Version:

    10.) Most prolific video game character

    9.) Longest-running computer game character

    8.) Most successful videogame hero

    7.) Most critically acclaimed 3D platformer

    6.) Best-selling videogame series of all time

    5.) Most prolific party games series

    4.) Best selling non-bundled sports video game

    3.) Best-selling gaming character cross-over

    2.) Best-selling racing game

    1.) Earliest Nintendo game to feature competitive online play
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