1. Guipradi

    OP Guipradi GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 10, 2016
    Some minutes ago someone asked me for a guide on how to legalize their "legit" Pokemon from ORAS that can't be used in online play. Here a guide for exporting a Sun/Moon savefile to PkHex, use legality checker and import it back

    1) Follow only this page of the 3ds.guide and you'll have Homebrew
    2) Eject your sd card with homebrew opened (This is safe)
    3) Download JKSM (It's a save manager) and put the 3ds folder inside the zip in the root of your sd card merging the folders
    4) Put the Sd card again in the 3ds and look for JKSM in the menu
    5) When prompted select your Sun/Moon game
    6) Export the save with a name. Now the save file should be in
    7) Download PKHex and unzip it
    8) Drag the "main" file in your sd card to PkHex.exe and it will open
    9) Right click the Pokemon you can't use and select view, they will open in the left part of the program, you'll see above there's a warning sign next to the Pokemon, click it and it should convert to a green check, Now right click the same pokemon in your box or party and select Set Pokemon. Repeat with all pokemon you need.
    10) Click file > Export main and (if you want) replace the old main
    11) Go back to JKSM through Homebrew in your 3ds and select Pokemon Sun/Moon (I recommend making in this point ANOTHER backup just in case something gets corrupted, name it "2" if you want) an Import the same savefile ("1") you should have overwritten and BOILA! it should be it.

    If there's any problem tell me, I¡ll be updating with images shortly
  2. AnalogMan

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    Apr 20, 2007
    United States
    I came here thinking it would be guide on how to do it using ONLY homebrew. Left disappointed.
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