[GUIDE] Installing games on your WiiU from a .WUD image

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    I am quoting this from another site...

    1) Download and extract the new DiscU: https://twitter.com/crediar/status/791775642949914624
    2) Run DiscU.exe path\to\game.key path\to\game.wud c
    3) After it's done extracting, go into the folder that was just generated (WUP-P-AL5P in my case) and find the first "GM" folder which holds the game data. Proceed to copy all the files in this directory to your SD card in the SD:\Install folder.
    4) Go up one directory and enter the system\02 folder. Copy the title.tik, title.tmd and title.cert files in the SD:\Install folder as well.

    edit: no need to edit the tik file.
    enjoy :)


    I didn't know this was posted http://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-installing-games-on-your-wiiu-from-a-wud-image.446639/

    If Mods want to close this thread, I made a mistake :)
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