[Guide] How to Fix Error 105-3687 When Haxchi Suddenly Stopped Working In 5.5.1

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    This thread is a "thank you" dedicated to OP @ https://gbatemp.net/threads/error-105-3687-and-how-to-fix-it.451635/page-2 since s/he saved me from a sticky situation with Haxchi.

    Disclaimer #1: This worked on a Wii U 5.5.1 E with Homebrew Launcher Channel (HBLC) already installed, and a purchased VC DS game from Nintendo eShop using nnu-patcher. I cannot guarantee that this will work on 5.5.1 U/J.

    Disclaimer #2: I am NOT an expert in hacking, coding or whatnot. I might say stuff in this guide that is technically incorrect, but I will provide 100% workable step-by-step guide.

    What you need BEFORE you start with the guide:

    1. Your Wii U must be on 5.5.1.
    2. Your Wii U's DNS servers must set as such:
    For EUR:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    For USA:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    3. Your installed HBLC must be on sysNAND.
    4. Your PC must be on the same LAN as your Wii U.
    5. You should have deleted all your game files that Haxchi had replaced and the Haxchi app itself.

    The Guide, Step-By-Step:
    0. If you suddenly get the following message when you start your Haxchi, "The Nintendo Network ID used to purchase this software has been deleted", then you will follow the following steps:

    1. Start Internet Browser and employ BrowserHax (it is assumed that you can still do this, you just don't want have to rely on the Internet, which is why you want to get Haxchi back).

    2. Load Mocha CFW (it is assumed that you already have this, otherwise, get this on your SD Card before proceeding and so you can perform this step).

    3. Launch HBLC again.

    4. Launch Homebrew Launcher AppStore (it is assumed you have this app already, get it otherwise first on your SD Card).

    5. Click on "Tools" inside the AppStore and GET (click on app and then click on GET icon) the following apps (latest version you can find in list): "tik2SD", "ftpiiu_everywhere" and "nnu-patcher" (if you don't have it already).

    6. Press Home button to get back to HBLC, and now load tik2SD.

    7. Inside tik2SD press A so you backup all your tickets from your sysNAND. (this might take up to 10 seconds)

    8. Get back to Wii U Home Menu and insert your SD Card into your PC.

    9. In your SD Card root you will see a folder named, "tik2sd", copy and paste that somewhere to your PC.

    10. Open that folder and you should see several folders and a text file named "keys.txt".

    11. Open "keys.txt" in Notepad and turn on Format -> Word Wrap, and resize your window so it looks something like this (title key is copyrighted, thx C0mm4nd_ for letting me know! Title key is a collection of numbers and letters as well, and always longer than Title ID):

    Optional recommendation (by nexusmtz): Open "keys.txt" in Notepad++ which understands the linefeed better. It is always first Title ID, then Title Key, and then folder with filename for the specific title ID & title key. The word wrap here is causing a new line for the folder with filename because of the text "Found XXX unique tickets".

    More than one Title ID/game title can be inside the very same .tik file and this would be indicated by that you would see two lines of "0002/00000004.tik" BUT the difference could be this:
    Title ID+Title Key1: (0002/00000004.tik@0x0)
    Title ID+Title Key2: (0002/00000004.tik@0x350)
    Above you can see"@0x350", which is pointing to a specific place inside the "00000004.tik" file which you can remove if you know how (I don't know so don't ask me, I just deleted my whole .tik file because it was literally the same game but with two different tickets).

    This was the case for me, two different keys in the same file which caused Haxchi to not load up as it would try to doing so with an invalid key somehow.

    12. Go to, on your PC: http://wiiubrew.org/wiki/Title_database and CLTR+F to search for your specific game (by entering its name) that Haxchi replaced that you now need to download & reinstall again from.
    (Confirm in the list so it is indeed EUR, JAP or USA, depending on your console being E, J or U.)

    In my case I could enter "0005000010101e00" (Title ID) to look for my game and discover that this is in fact:
    So, if I were to delete file "00000004.tik" inside the folder "0002" inside the Wii U's sysNAND, I would have to reinstall this game from the Internet or recover its key from its disc since its "license" would be gone.

    13. After you have confirmed exactly what ticket file you need to delete and in which folder, save that information for future steps, and reinsert your SD Card into your Wii U again.

    14. Launch Internet Browser again to run BrowserHax exploit, load Mocha CFW and run HBLC to get back inside Homebrew Launcher with CFW activated.

    15. Load ftpiiu_everywhere and it should say that it is listening on a typical LAN IP with a port, for example, "". ( is its IP, and 21 is its port number)

    16. Download https://filezilla-project.org/download.php here and decline its bundled software during installation.

    17. Start FileZilla after installation and move your mouse to the upper left inside the software until you find "Host:".

    18. Enter the IP and port number to your Wii U that is stated on your GamePad and/or TV.

    19. Click on "Quickconnect" inside FileZilla (to the upper right).

    20. When you are connected to your Wii U look below the "Quickconnect" button inside FileZilla until you see "Remote Site:".

    21. The folders you see there are your sysNAND (if I understood it correctly).

    22. Now navigate to, by left-clicking on each folder until you see a "+" to the left side of it so you can navigate further: system_slc -> rights -> ticket -> apps.

    23. Here inside the folder "apps" is where you want to look again inside your "keys.txt" document where you have located what exact title ID & title key your game has.

    24. In my case I would now go to the folder "0002" to find the ticket "00000004.tik@0x0" [WARNING: this is MY EXAMPLE, it is NOT necessarily your ticket!!!] and if this file (the game that Haxchi had replaced) was the issue, I would right-click on this file inside FileZilla's "Remote Site:" and choose "Delete".

    25. Find your correct folder/and ticket.tik file, which is stated inside the brackets after each title key inside the document (see image above), right-click on it and choose "Delete" and confirm with "Yes" (OR: remove the extra ticket inside the file with manual editing if you know how to do it. First download the ticket to your PC, then edit it, and finally, replace your old one on your sysNAND with this new edited one.)

    26. Close FileZilla, right-click on your SD Card in your computer, choose "Eject" and then remove your SD Card from your PC and reinsert it into your SD Card slot in your Wii U.

    27. Press Home button on your game pad to get back to your Wii U Home Menu.

    28. Launch Internet Browser to perform BrowserHax exploit, load Mocha CFW, launch HBLC and then load nnu-patcher.

    29. Launch Nintendo eShop from your Wii U Home Menu and you should now come to an older version of Nintendo eShop.

    30. Search for your purchased game that Haxchi had replaced (in the upper right corner of the app) and download it again.

    31. When its says it is downloading your game and that you can check it Download Management, do NOT click on "Continue", instead click on your Home button on your GamePad and choose "Download Management".

    OPTIONAL (if needed): if you have a failed Wii U update that is blocking your game from being downloaded because it is saying "Pending..." for your game, unplug the power cord from your Wii U (NOT from the outlet!) and wait 10 seconds before your plug in the power cord again and turn on the Wii U again. It should now just download your game and not the failed Wii U update (hell with you 5.5.2).

    32. When your game has been installed which is indicated with a green cross, run BrowserHax again, load Mocha CFW, run HBLC and finally load Haxchi Installer inside your HBL to reinstall Haxchi which you confirm by pressing the A button your GamePad twice and just wait until you get back to the Wii U Home Menu after a successful Haxchi installation.

    OPTIONAL (if you want to feel safe again): go to your internet settings in system settings to either remove or choose another Internet connection so your Wii U cannot connect to the Internet again.

    OPTIONAL#2 (if you want to feel safe again): follow the steps to run tik2SD again so you keep a backup of your 100% functional tickets for future use if you accidentally mess up Haxchi again.

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    Just don't put the title key, it's copyrighted
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    Thanks for trying to make this a little easier for others. Tickets can be a pain sometimes.

    Relative to that, as noted in the original thread, there can be multiple titles in each ticket bucket file. You have to check keys.txt for other titles in the same bucket file to determine whether you can delete it or need to edit it instead.

    Also, you have an interesting way of working around the UNIX linefeed issue in keys.txt, but it's probably a good idea to explain that you're doing it specifically for that reason, so people aren't misled when they see a titleID to the right of the file location. Either that, or recommend that they open the file in an editor that understands the linefeeds, e.g. notepad++.
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    Thank you very much C0mm4nd_ and nexusmtz, original thread has been updated with credits! ^_^
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    you could just download a better notepad that can detect the line breaks properly, like notepad2-mod.
    Install it and make it replace the original crappy windows notepad so everything will be better.
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