[GUIDE] How to edit your AC:CF/LGttC town

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    Make backups. I'm not responsible for you corrupting your save.

    You will need the Homebrew Channel installed on your Wii.

    Welcome to the edit your town guide! This is for editing your Animal Crossing town. You can remove things, add HDLC easily, and even add a third layer to your town!

    First, choose which fits you, then follow the corresponding guide.

    1. I have the official LEGIT AC:CF/LGttC game disc. (Cannot have an SDHC card.)
    2. I have AC:CF/LGttC installed for use on a USB drive. (Can have either SDHC or SD card)

    All downloads required will be found at the bottom of each guide.

    Guide 1: legit disc
    1. Download both Savegame extracter and installer.
    2. Place them on the "/apps" folder of your SD card.
    3. Insert your SD card into your Wii and boot up the HBC.
    4. Load Savegame extracter (make sure AC:CF/LGttC is in the disc drive!)
    5. Press RESET on your Wii (or the B button on a GCN controller), wait for the message to say "OK!" and press the POWER button ON YOUR WII (or the A button on a GCN controller).
    6. Eject your SD card and insert it into your computer
    7. Download and install ACToolkit, and open up your RVFOREST.dat from your SD card under SAVEGAMES.
    8. Edit your town how you please. [​IMG]
    9. Make sure you backup your RVFOREST.dat incase you corrupt your game!
    10. Once done editing, click SAVE. It will freeze for a moment, DON'T CLICK X. Wait until it finishes and press "OK".
    11. Head back to your Wii, and load up Savegame installer. Do the same process as in extracter.
    12. Test out your new town! [​IMG]
    Downloads required for guide 1.
    Savegame Installer
    Savegame Extractor
    ACToolkit (direct download link)

    Guide 2: USB loader

    1. Make sure you have a working copy of AC.
    2. Download Savegame Manager and place it on the "/apps" section of your SD card. (can be SDHC)
    3. Head to your Wii and bootup the HBC and open Savegame Manager
    4. Find your save of Animal Crossing and click it. Extract it and wait for it to finish.
    5. Once done, turn off your Wii and head to your computer for the same as in guide 1.
    6. Install ACToolkit. Open it. Find your AC save in the savegames folder on your SD.
    7. Open it and edit how you please. [​IMG]
    8. Save it, it will confirm with you to make a backup. Just in case you don't know. Make a backup. >:0
    9. Wait for it to save and unplug your SD. Head back to your Wii and boot the HBC.
    10. Open Savegame Manager and find AC on the right side. Click it and hit install. You now have your hacked town!
    Downloads required for guide 2.
    Savegame Manager
    ACToolkit (direct download link)

    If I helped, please tell me. [​IMG]
    This is how I hack my town, and it works perfectly. I have used both ways and I honestly don't know which way is easier or better to use.

    Other Useful AC Hacks
    Map Import/Exporter
    Website to get Maps (use Map Import/Exporter to install Map files, and the official ACToolkit to install acre files)
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    Step 1. Use WiiXplorer to put your save on you sd card.
    Step 2. Start ACToolkit and open your save [edit: it's RVFOREST.DAT]
    Step 3. Edit your save.
    Step 4. Put the save back on your wii using WiiXplorer again.

    But really, no one should need a guide, even a retarded dancing banana could do it.