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    This is a WIP guide, I will update asap. For now this is the rough draft of the guide, it will get straight to the point. Ill add details to it later, as I'll update it.

    Dynasty Warriors Vs.

    I have here a way to have 5 additional edit characters to your game save for Dynasty Warriors VS. You can use the already provided main saves with the 5 extra chars already added or you could use the already made 5 saves with Checkpoint to add your extra characters that way.

    Things that you'll need,
    . 2 3ds systems
    . Checkpoint app on both
    . Dynasty Warriors Vs 3ds rom or cia installed on both
    . Some basic menu guessing would be needed for English players, Ill provide pics to walk you through that.

    In case you didn't know, in this game you are able to make your own custom character with its own armor pieces and a moveset based on one the existing characters in the game. This includes the spotpass characters and characters you unlock after completing the story mode.

    Basically its really self explanatory, you have a character and you make changes to it.

    Collecting Armor equipment

    In order to use any armors, you have to unlock them to buy in the shop. Sadly the armors pieces are unlocked at random so you don't know with piece you'll get until you check the shop to see if it is available for purchase.

    Within these 5 saves I have tried to get as many as I can (getting all armors would take competing story mode with all metals and leveling your character to about 50 or more)((The 1st edit save I made has this))
    It can take many hours, I'm sure with cheats or hexing you could probably get them all easy but I have no knowledge on that stuff and I don't think there's really much interest if anyone wanted to make one.

    Anyway to get armor pieces you must get all metals on both the normal and hard versions of the stages (easy mode wont get you anything for those metals) you can also sometimes find armor pieces when you playing in game by defeating an officer or finding one in a box or jar. Also you can get armor pieces every time your main character levels up (not the other edited chars if you have them with these saves)


    Your custom character can only use movesets of the existing characters in the game. This does however include the unlockable characters and the spotpass characters,

    In order to equip a characters moveset, you first much unlock that character by buying them in the shop.
    Once you have unlocked a character, add them in to team you can make, and play a few vs matches to level them up. Or you can level them up in the story mode on the levels that feature that character.

    Preparing edited characters for transfer

    You need two 3DS systems at this point to transfer your edited character to the other game.
    You need both systems to be in a multiplayer match.
    As soon as both players enter a match you can ether quit the match immediately or just play it though. playing the match has a better chance of saving the added extra edit characters then just quitting the match.
    Once you return to the main menu after a multiplayer match, you should see 'NEW' on one the menu icons.

    Select this and you should see a collection of your added edit characters from other 3DS systems you have engaged in a local multiplayer match with.


    Use checkpoint to load any the 5 games save to edit that particular character and save it. Once your ready to transfer your completed character on the 2nd 3ds load the main game save and have a multiplayer match. Your new character should now appear in your main save with them.

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    1. Select on Main Menu
    <-Select My Profile on the Main Menu. Once there, select edit custom char.

    2. Edit Custom Character Menu
    <-Once here, you can change your characters name, voice, appearance etc.

    3. Apperances
    <-Here you can select a pre-edit costume for your character or create a custom one with the armor pieces.

    4. Custom Armor edit screen
    <-Here is where you can selects the pieces for any armor you choose. Its split into 5 parts, Head-Upper Body-Lower Body-Arms-Feet.

    5. Team edit Menu
    <-Once your edit character is done, go back to my profile and pick edit teams.Here you can edit your team of 3 officers to your liking.

    6. Team edit menu 2
    <-Select ether to change the team name or the members.

    7. Team edit members
    <-Here you can change the 3 officers in your team, in 1-3 order.

    8. Team member screen
    <-Officers are shown here, you can pick from the default 4 kingdoms, the DLC, or the edit characters you may have.

    9. Shop
    <-This is the shop screen selected from the My profile menu. Here is where you buy your armors parts for your character. and you unlcok the offiecrs for your team by buying them here as well.

    10. Competed character example
    <-You can then save your edited game save and backup in checkpoint. Remember which save you used for the edit slot to import into the main 5 slots save.
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    2 3ds demonstrating a muiltplayer match

    once the multiplayer is done, check to see if your new edit char is in the profile collection.

    the new edit char should be shown there, select it to obtain it in a battle - if you win you win the unit.







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