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    [​IMG] GreenBeretDS
    FluBBa's 1st NDS EMU
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    FluBBa, a GBA developer who needs no introduction, has just finished up work on his first NDS EMU. This application faithfully emulates the arcade game Green Beret. If you have time to test this please report your findings to the source thread, linked below.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    goin to have a play on this in a bit
    classic game
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    Isn't Green Beret and Rush'n'Attack the same game with just a different name? If so, I can skip this simply because the official DS Konami compilation has Rush'n'Attack already.

    Hmm...just looked it up in MAME. Rush'n'Attack is actually the clone to Green Beret. Still, same go, so.....
  4. Vague Rant

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    Konami Arcade Classics or whatever it's called is kind of crappy on the options front. In R'n'A's case, there are no scaling options, you're just given the one they've decided is best. Not that Flubba's emu has scaling options so far as I can tell, but it has the potential to have scaling options, whereas Konami Arcade Classics is most likely never going to be improved. If you want to see a truly classy arcade compilation, check out Namco Museum DS. They have six different video options for each game: horizontal full (game is stretched to display horizontally), horizontal aspect ratio (displayed scaled down to the correct ratio), vertical right top and vertical left top (game is displayed scaled such that you turn the DS sideways, either left or right), and vertical 1x1 right/left top (game is displayed on its side again, but completely unscaled, with sprite following).

    In Namco Museum's case, I can understand preferring the commercial title over any homebrew versions of these games, since it already does everything you could ask for and more (including optional bugfixes for the original games), but KAC was kind of crappy and could easily be improved on.
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    ...but if you're wanting to play an arcade classic then why would you want it "improved"? Wouldn't you want to play it as it was? I know I would (and do!)
  6. Vague Rant

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    I'm talking about improving the package, not the original games. Improving the scaling options has zero effect on the original game. Playing the game as it exists in Konami Arcade Classics gives you just one option for scaling; which is to vertically compress the game screen using what I'm guessing is flicker scaling. If that's all you want and you feel that most closely resembles the original experience, then feel free to play that; personally I'm not a big fan of playing anything with scaled graphics; if the source image is larger than the target can display, I prefer to play unscaled with edges cropped. Other people just want the game to perfectly fit the screen. That's terrible and those people are suckers, but it's their business, and I'm all about giving them the choice of doing that if it's what they want. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think GreenBeretDS uses hardware rendering, since it's ported from the GBA emu GreenBoy which I'm pretty sure did. This cuts down your options for scaling, but "unscaled" is definitely a possibility, so if a future version has that, then I'd certainly rather play GreenBeretDS than Konami Arcade Classics, because for me that preserves the experience best.