Green -> Red Light on HwFly Core


Mar 11, 2022
Howdy guys and greetings from Germany!

Ive had a very… lets call it special experience with soldering a Hwfly Core to my Switch so let me explain:

I have soldered a Hwfly Core with the alt shematics on my Oled switch, it was a pretty heavy installation since there are multiple issues you have to deal with when trying to solder the hwfly core to an oled (especialy soldering wires to the flex cable conmector without shorting the pins) but everything worked in the end

But as we know destiny is a bi… and right after hours of fixing and soldering my cat just jumped on the table and my switch fell to the ground which resulted in my modchip facing the purple led loop when booting… ugh…

After desoldering and resoldering everything this shitty v2 flex cable was just a mess and the solder points lost their gold plates so i was trying to install it whit the backsite of the flex cable and covering the flex cable chips with solder mask so they dont get grounded from the metal shield but the installation just doesnt seem to work… sp1 and sp2 are giving me both around 18 ohms but when i check the solder points on my modchip cpu3 is beeping to ground but cpu1 ist just returning a diode value instead of a beep. No shorts anywhere that i can find, all other nand solder points are returning good diode values but the modchip just boots with a green light for a second and after that a 3 sec red light

Ive just ordered a new oled flex cable but do you guys think the switch is damaged? What could be the issue for the red led? (Cant test it right now)

Ps: i always had a sd card inside since i was not able to upgrade from spacecraft 0.1
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