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    Jan 30, 2008
    I've been lately getting a problem for Brawl that's been pissing me off a lot. I've burnt Brawl twice on two different DL's (Philips and Verbatim) and I've been getting an green screen error with white text saying something like read disc error, please read manual. Sometimes I get it right after the first loading screen and most of the time I get it at 29% at SSE. I got Wii-NTSC, Wiikey 1.9g. I got a friend who has the same error but the error happens either at after the first loading screen before the intro or when he plays multiplayer and he just bought a new burner. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.
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    Uh, what does this have to do with 'User Submitted News'?

    This has been reported before and I'm sure there is a fix. Use the GBAtemp search engine.
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    Tons of "breaking news" lately, huh.
    Like JP said, use the Search feature. It's there for a purpose.
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    What is with all these people posting questions in the NEWS section.
    This is like the 3rd one i've seen.

    What is wrong with people???