Great Intro And Background!

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Hello Everyone!

    I Am Nexus1556 And I Want To Make Awsome Videos On Youtube! But I Have A Problem. I Dont Have A Epic Intro. Or Background... So I Want To Know If One Of You Would Be So Kind To Desgin Me A Intro And A Background..
    Thanks Every One!!

    Background Idea..
    I Would Like It Like Ray William Johnsons Background Were It Has A Nice Pic then it says website twiter and such i just want text saying Nexus1556 Productions... If you can mange this i will advtise you on my channel if you want or promote your websitre Thanks.
    Picture For At Top
    None I Want none

    Intro the most importent
    I would like it to contatine this info
    Text Saying Nexus1556 Productions
    then cool animation intro!!
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    Just download a simple video editor, and learn to photoshop well. The rest is self explanatory. From what I've heard, Sony Vegas Pro does everything for you (in a way. You still have to click/drag and stuff)