Great Analog to Digital converter for $299

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    I recently got lucky and found one of these on the secondhand market for $60NZD and it's so much better than an old AV to VGA receiver that I picked up a couple of months ago which was plagued with issues (well, it was designed for a CRT monitor rather than an HDTV).

    It can input svideo, analog component and composite video and convert it to digital VGA or digital component (via the vga port so it needs an adapter)

    It supports both standard definition formats with progressive scan and various HD formats, I like the upscaling on my TV better so I just left it on standard definition to use as an s-video to component converter, setting it to 1080P looks pretty good too but overscans a teeny bit and like I said not as good as my TV's built in scaler but if your TV doesn't have a good scaler it's still a great option.

    Only flaws are there's no remote for it so every time I want to switch between a PAL source or an NTSC source I have to use the menu, - and + buttons to switch between resolutions and there's no 240p/288p options meaning I have to upscale my N64 signals on the converter prior to upscaling them on my TV, I don't think this would be a significant difference since LD to SD is a much simpler than SD to HD

    Like any video device, it comes with various brightness, contrast etc settings, the defaults are pretty good so it only needed slight tweaking.

    I can even read the small text in Pokémon Stadium 2 explaining how to use the PC with this! (compared with using official N64 composite cable on my TV's composite port).

    It uses a 5V power supply so it might be possible to free up wall sockets by powering it from my TV with a USB cable (haven't tested this yet)

    Update: just tried out VGA on it (using PAL Pokémon Stadium 2 as a test subject) and found 1080p on VGA with the right settings comes out to similar quality to 576p on component. The main difference being component is bolder and sharper while VGA is softer and more natural, both are just as good in terms of quality so it's just down to preference.
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