Graf_Chokolo: I Have Never Stolen Any Information From SONY

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    Our man, graf_chokolo has written [sic] a very long post on comments section to respond with people’s misconception to what he has done in reverse engineering the PS3 console security. He also will give an interview about his SONY lawsuit later on.

    I read some comments against me here, do not fear i do not intend to remove them [​IMG] i do not hold a grudge against you guys, we are free people and can speak freely. I will try to answer some of your questions.

    I have never stolen any information from SONY, no documents and no software, all my work is based on the knowledge that i reversed on my own, i didn’t steal it, so i own it and can share it with anyone i want to and i chose to give it to the community for free. Stealing from SONY is not an option for me because of only one reason: reverse engineering and learning new things on my own is what motivates me to do what i’m doing. By stealing information from SONY i will loose my interest in it soon and give it up, too easy and no fun if you ask me [​IMG] By the way, reverse engineering and stealing is NOT the same guys. Just look at China e.g., what they achieved with reverse engineering already. It’s incredible [​IMG] Maybe i should go to China, they surely will have a use for me [​IMG] Soon they will replace all those big corporations like SONY if they didn’t already.

    Many of you are defending SONY, using words like “be glad you are allowed to have a ps3?, just because i bought a PS3 from SONY doesn’t mean they own me and are allowed to say what i can and cannot do with my own PS3. SONY didn’t ask any of their PS3 customers when they removed Linux support if they agree with that or not. If you will continue to defend them then soon they will remove more features from PS3 and you will have to pay the same price for even fewer features.

    All this reminds me of film “Matrix” when Morpheus is telling Neo something like that: “there are many individuals in the Matrix that will defend the system with all their strength although they are slaves of the system” [​IMG] Just a thought.

    Soon i will give an interview about SONY’s lawsuit against me and you will see what bullshit they are suing me over and they want 1 million euros for that [​IMG] They just want to make an example of me, to stop me from giving you your rightful Linux on PS3 and more knowledge about PS3?s hypervisor which i disassembled. I think SONY should sue their own incompetent developers who created such an insecure system instead of making their system “secure” by suing every PS3 hacker in the world.

    Just look what i did in the last month, installed Linux on HDD, implemented Linux drivers for HDD, FLASH, VFLASH and even coded firmware updater for Linux and i was working on BD drive for Linux. There is no need for GameOS anymore because we can do everything what GameOS can do also on Linux [​IMG]

    Asked about whether 3.60+ firmwares are hackable, here’s what he said.

    I didn’t have time to look at it, busy with PS3 Linux.
    failed0verflow made a mistake by saying that PS3 will never be secure again. And SONY proved them wrong. SONY knows a lot more about their system than any PS3 hackers. But on the other side, everything that was created/developed by humans can be broken/hacked by other humans [​IMG] Never say never guys [​IMG]

    Oh, and thanks to you guys, he is back with his computer now. But, we should keep the donation flow running so that graf have the better legal security in front of him.

    Huge thanks guys to you all. Working from my home now [​IMG] Got access to the Internet.

    UPDATE: A correction for above, graf_chokolo did not use the donation money to buy any computer. He personally told me that he borrowed the computer from a friend, it’s old and slow, he said. So, i hope i clear the confusion over it.

    Alright, that’s wrap up our daily graf_chokolo update [​IMG] To really get the latest update, just visit our site below that is created specially for him.

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    I lol'd at the image. [​IMG]
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    That's what caught my eye. [​IMG]
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    i love the image. now if someone could animate it, edit it into their regular commercials and swap it with a copy that broadcasts on tv, that would be epic(i hate this word, but it would be).
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    i cant believe he quoted matrix. A movie that contains dialogues just to confuse (mostly) like "do you know why you are here?" and reply "do you know why you are here" what!?
    i guess sony have delayed the case too long and it has given some freedom (PSFreedom to be exact) but that is never a bad thing (in reality not saying this emotionally or otherwise)
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    Sadly there are enough people who take conveniences over freedom.
    It also reminds me of something:
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    Sony: U mad? [​IMG]

    God, this guy is fuck'n crazy with these [​IMG] emoticons everywhere on his posts.

    EDIT: Phishing/Spyware? Never saw nothing about this... rootkits were on their (not their, Sony BGM) past. Shitty security that got "secure" again these days... zero privacy? Google/Facebook. Feature removal was already specified on EULA (you have this on 3DS EULA too, if I'm not mistaken).
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    Because GBAtemp doesn't convert any plain text into smilies? [​IMG] :?
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    emoticons there.
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    "be glad you're allowed to have a PS3" Do these people have brains?! Do they think before they post?! We're "allowed" to have PS3s?! We BUY them. Sony ADVERTISES so they will SELL. There's no "allow" going on here. Sony SELLS these. Not rents them out.

    Keep going, Graf. Keep on going.
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    Hi [​IMG] guys [​IMG] I'm the [​IMG] most awesome p [​IMG] o [​IMG] s [​IMG] t [​IMG] e [​IMG] r [​IMG] in the plan [​IMG] et... [​IMG]
    Sorry, I really couldn't read that article without my eyes hurting from the [​IMG] s. But Sony is getting out of hand, it seems.
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    that pretty much sums up sony boys right there [​IMG]
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    Wasn't even paying that much attention to the smiles until someone pointed them out. [​IMG]
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    Yeah, people were calling the PS3 update that did additional checking a "rootkit" incorrectly.
  15. Ron

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    Image is true.

    Sony doesn't deserve to be in capitals.

    Now, to my post..
    Read the whole thing, and the quote about Matrix, that is absolutely true.
    If graf_chokolo did steal something in his work, it would be the Linux kernel, which is Open-Source in the first place, so i'm not sure you can call that stealing.
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    To be fair, Sony's had some major issues with piracy and it did pretty much kill the PSP. They're going at it at a really bad angle, though. Neither GeoHot nor Graf_Chokolo have ever said anything along the lines of "fuck game developers, I want free games!" It's mostly Waninkoko and other hackers. Programmers know more about this than lawyers, Sony.