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    Sep 19, 2013
    So, My BC ps3 with rebug CFW died some years ago from the normal YLOD, i sent it to repair (i believe the shop reballed it but i am not sure if they just put it in the oven) and now got it again hopefully fixed and working.

    So, i would like to put some maintence to it, and apply safety in case something goes bad again and i need to get another console or something.
    i already did update rebug firmware to the latest.

    i would like to backup my data like saves, specially the ps2 and ps1 memory cards.

    1: to backup my saves, specially the virtual memory cards can i just use the XMB options stuff, or do i need to use homebrew to backup my saves and use them across emulators like the nintendo consoles usually need?

    2: If i create a backup of the whole system trough the xmb official options, does it copy everything thats in the system hdd, including the isos and roms i have internally in the console?

    3: is there a way to restore the cfw back to its default settings, specially webman mod? i changed some stuff like the fan configuration and now the fan goes crazy like a jet engine...

    4: if i restore a ps3 to it's factory settings, does it messes up the cfw, does it restore the cfw settings as well?

    5: what are the normal temps on a ps3? the repair shop guaranteed me that they re applied thermal compound. i'd like to avoid to open the console up and check that for myself
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    Nov 4, 2018
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    1. There's probably quicker methods for this, but honestly it's so easy I would just use the XMB. Seeing as small dedicated flash drives can be used for this.

    2. Haven't tested it, but there are CFW backup's. Just look up migrating HDD's in CFW. Plenty of tutorials should provide instructions on backing up the whole system.

    3. Just disable the Fan Mod. I'll attach the defaults, but I have mine shut off for now. Doing a full refurb on my CECHK and CECHE's soon so I'd prefer not to hear the jet fans lol.

    4. AFAIK the OS does not store OFW data files to reflash it. So doing a restore should keep CFW.

    5. Honestly, no idea, I need this info myself. I'll look into it. My CECHK was at 67°C with the fan mod on, sitting at 74°C now. It does need cleaned, that's for sure. New BD tomorrow though :D
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