Got confused. Best way for playing video on DS?

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    Jun 28, 2006
    Hello everyone,

    after converting all my futurama episodes to m3 movie player format (what was it, gbv?), which took about 48 hours on my ancient PC i learned that this format quite sucks, even in high quality mode, because of more than poor sound. It wasn't even synchronised.

    So after searching the forum for a better way i stumbled upon the moonshell video format (dps?). So, before hopping on my bicycle-power-supply for my retarded PC, is this format really better?

    And further more, is there another way to encode this format besides batch.dps? I can't get that to run because not having some necessary components like .net.

    Any n00bie help for me would be appreciated!

    Have a good time!

    PS: Sorry, posted it into the wrong section. Please excuse.
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    EDIT: see my reply in the ds forum since that is where it belongs