1. Zalexard

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    Nov 18, 2015
    Hey guys, so, my 3DS XL arrived about two days ago, and it brought 10.2 installed already. Since I was already screwed with a capital F, I ended up updating to 10.3 anyway, since I know there are flashcarts with no firmware restriction (namely Sky3DS). So, for those of you that are europeans, I wanna ask you where you got your flashcarts. I'd like a cheap place to order from (if trusted), if none is available I'll subject myself to whatever is available.

    So, my intent on this is to get maybe a Sky3DS for 3DS games, and a R4i Gold 3DS to play DS roms and if possible some older emulators (gbc, gba, maybe snes) if possible. What I want to do is possible with the R4i gold? While I'm at it, can I run the homebrew launcher on both cards with no problems? I'm asking mainly for the purpose of putting it also on the 3DS to use HANS to play hacked games and lift the region lock too.

    Sorry for being so chaotic on my questions, if anything isn't clear, I'll try my best to describe what I mean. Thanks! :)
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