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Jun 22, 2007
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I'm doing a HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES series, where I talk about the history of video games while using visual media (pictures) to explain. my account is still enabled for monotization but I got a strike from Belgium ANti-Piracy from Nintendo for just..SHOWING AN ACEKARD in one my videos. I have to approve my video for monetization but do you think that I could approve this?..I generally use video game music (Castlevania NES music, Newgrounds etc) and not mainstream music.

video 1 -
(episode 6 - 1)
video 2 -
(episode 6 - 2)
video 3 -
(episode 6 - 3)

video 4 -
(episode 5)

most use nostalgic video game OST's but for part 6 I used MINDS EYE from the Tempest 2000 soundtrack and the Jazz Jackrabbit 3D in episode 6 But that game was never released so it really wouldn't be licensed right?. and I Adols theme from YS book one and two on the TuboGraphix-CD I gave all credit (and you can see what music i used) in the end of the 3rd part of episode 6 and the end of video 4
(I have it at the timeframe youtube claimed ContentID)

(this section here, youtube thinks is a song titled "Crystal", a musical composition administered
by "SACEM" from Kobalt Music Publishing. It's actually VAMPIRE HUNTER from castlevania III!

I have 6 episodes of this series so far but all the ones that need approval from me for monotization request I have not challenged, because I've been scared. However with my changing my channel and looking forward to a more commercial use, I have to see if I can monotize these type of videos...I would like to enable all of them in this genre if possible!

I do appreciate all your feedback! = D
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