got a wiiu wit homebrew and im wondering


Nov 7, 2017
Ok, thanks for your patience and hope i dont anoy the mods for asking to much.

i just got (1 week ago) a wiiu with some games (discs)that has an exploit .

when i boot the wiiu i get to the home screen and i have to launch the browser and then it gets me back to the home screen , that way i can run a backup game or the hbl.

i own some games (mk8, etc) but i had to install a backup because the disc reader doesnt work (hope im not breaking a rule here)
i said why not and i connected to online so my girls could play mario kart and they did! they played with no problems.

on the hbl it has mocha and loadliner(i think thats the name)
but i dont have to run hbl to run one of my backups. (just the browser)
these are my questions.

1 Why i have to run the browser and not the hbl in order to run homebrew, is it because the browser autoruns mocha?
Do i need internet in order to do this?

2 can this type of exploit brick the console?

3 when i turn the wiiu on it sends me to the home screen, can i connect to nintendo shop and buy things? (i tried adding an account but i couldnt) is there a way i can download my account from nintendo?

4 is there something i can do in order to prevent a brick?

TY vm

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