Good Idea for games that make good use of Joycons.

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    So this thread I opened is just to collect some good idea for games on nintendo switch using joycons. I could see many people not liking the use of the joycon, and prefer standard controller class gaming (or mouse and keyboards) But since nintendo kinda left Gamepad ideas out of most of the wii u games, let's come up with some ideas for the system. This is only a opinion and idea thread.

    First idea, is a mech type game. Maybe Armored core, or mech warrior, yeah those games are old but now that we have joy cons with "HD RUMBLE" and "MOTION CONTROLS" and "GYRO SENSING" and all that "good stuff" It be interesting to try a mech type game. So we would play this by sitting in a chair, and pretending to be a pilot. Of course using joy cons to control the robot, having control over the arms with motion controls or something, maybe something close to how Steel Battalion for xbox was but easier to control and less stress. So some ideas on some games with robots or mechs that be good for it. Custom robo is a Nintendo game, but maybe something by namco or capcom, Cyberbots, Gundam, just some idea for games. I guess maybe you could combine this with any kind of game where you control vehicles, even xenoblade since it has mechs.

    Next game idea, maybe something that make full use of HD rumble. I had a few thoughts about it as in being able to feel damage the player takes, for example, if playing metroid and samus gets hit with a Heavy attack that deals massive damage, the rumble will be rough, while lower damage will be not as much, maybe even her arm cannon can use vibration when shooting and charging, just maybe get a feel of how samus uses her weapons. Holding a heavy arm cannon to aim kinda like a real cannon with some weight. (By the way I sound, is like I dunno what HD rumble means but is just ideas, have fun.)

    One more idea before I stop, I personally dunno but I heard good things by a game called no more heroes, a game using motion control right? If anyone can confirm about it then please do, and last but not least, maybe some free running game with easily executing moves.

    Once again, these are opinions and ideas that in theory sound good, but if anyone find flaws, politely mention them. I don't care if the game if made would turn our terrible, but just have a fun imagination on making ideas. The joy cons was nintendo's expressed interest in owning a switch and having "innovative game controller." So please don't hate. :)