Good DVD Player?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by SavageWaffle, Mar 1, 2008.

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    So HD-DVD died(R.I.P), and i was thinking of getting a HD-DVD Player Add On for the 360. But there not making any more movies so whats the point. I thought of getting a DVD Player instead. What are some recommended DVD Players that would look good on a 32" Sharp Aquos?
    I dont really care how long/how short it is. As long as its:
    Is able to hold the Nintendo Wii(Putting it on top)
    Not that heavy(since putting on shelf.

    Any good DVD Players?

    And one question:
    Do they still make DVD Discs? Like latest movies/releases.

    Oh and does this exists?
    Like a box(square shaped possibly)
    Can hold ALOT of Xbox 360(Cases),DVD's
    About 16" High
    About 10" Wide
    Used for Storage.
    Doesnt have to be fancy.
    Just something easily accessible.
    Possibly made of wood? I dont care buy wood would be light weight.
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    "hd" is a tiny fraction of the market (and overrated in my opinion: give some real high definition rather than a nominal increase and we will talk) but yeah I know of no "HD" exclusives, hell I think you can still pick up the odd VHS.

    My suggestion mod an xbox: DVDs and just about every video type you can imagine beat a cheap player.

    Stand/box: I would make one but there are plenty of places that sell DVD racks. I would suggest you go with some stackable DVD draws.
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    Oct 20, 2006
    Xbox Media Center. The most polished homebrew I have ever seen in my life. Xboxs are relatively cheap these days and get a 160GB HDD and you have a cheap Multimedia Games Center.
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    I bought a $20 Apex DVD player from Wal-mart a few years ago (its at home unf now). It upscales decently and you can input a code through the remote to make it region free.

    Oh never mind - while it upscales well, you couldn't put anything on top of it. The DVD player I have here would work well - it's white, it has a front tray, and the tray emits a blue light, but it's Japanese and Region 2.
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    May 14, 2006
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    I bought the 360 HD DVD drive a couple of days ago. It's $50, and soon those 500+ movies will be in bargain bins for $5-$10.
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    If you're like me and need a dvd player for another tv and doesn't want to go through the hassle of getting an xbox, modding it, etc (and anyother etcs) then I'd get a divx certified dvd player. Well, I AM. It's still being shipped by circuitcity's crappy shipping. Your tv probably won't notice any quality difference if you had one that also upscaled to 1080p but thats always plus, unless it costs too much for you.

    The one I'm getting happens to also have a usb port and the features I mentioned above. You know, so I can plug in my external which happens to be using NTFS which won't work >_>. FAT32 formatted drives afaik.

    edit- this happens to be the one I'm getting:
    circuitcity had a 10 dollar off deal so woohoo.
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    Jan 13, 2008
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    This one is for my basement. My entertainment room. And i need a DVD.