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    Nov 13, 2006
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    Well ive never done homebrew on my lite whatsoever. I am wondering which card to get, I am going on a school trip around april, so i would need it by march i guess? I'd like to order it in the next few months though, after the holidays. Im on a tight-ish budget, so I don't want to spend for example $150. I was looking at the new x9 for $50 and a micro sd card either 512 meg for 20 or 1 gig for 30. How does this sound vs a super card lite rumble and a superkey or passcard?
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    May 28, 2006
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    The Supercards are tried and tested. Not my personal fave but they are very good quality cards.
    This new Ninjapass X9 is an unknown to most at the moment. Seeing as GBAtemp just got theirs I would be waiting to see how it reviews.

    Supercards are great for running homebrew apps and NDS ROMs though..

    Check out the reviews here and on other sites to get an idea about the difference between carts. Ask in the specific forum for direct answers on a certain cart, of course the X9 hasn't got it's own forum so just use the "Other Flashing Hardware & Software" forum for that or other new/unpopular carts.

    Good luck, Seeing as you have plenty of time to order I would wait a while and see how the new carts compare. I'm waiting to see how the new microninja turns out before I even think of getting a new slot 1 cart.