good afternoon the names thomas haynes or tom9927

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    May 21, 2009
    greetings all the names thomas haynes or as some of u may know me from stuff games as DRIFTCITY tom9927

    i began my life as a gamer way back in 1991 when i was born few years later i went for my first console a master system 2

    my dad then brought me a sega megadrive for chris man the memories of games like road rash 2 and speedball

    when i was around 12 i got my first gba best hand hold

    then i got a ds when i was 13 14

    and now at the age of 17 im here

    id love to get into projects for the ds such as i see ragnork died out and that is one i would love to bring back to life its a shame i got 5char ad was enjoining the cheesy story very cheesy ^^

    problem is i have no photoshop skills or programming or anything but i have of free time to learn

    so if any would like to teah me alot of stuff programs et for hacking ds roms i could reborn the ragnork online project

    that is if u have the free time

    anyway ill be waiitng for some repys

    your friend


    ps i got alot of muti player ds games so ill add my friend codes to the friend code page

    Edit games i play for pc etc


    guild wars
    merc warrior 4 merc
    giants citizen kabuto
    carm tdr 200 with max pack 1.14
    the house of the dead 1 and 2 and 3
    breath of fire 4
    Final Fantasy VII ( epic game ^^)
    world of goo
    poplus for the pc (ftw)
    race driver grid
    bikez 2 (pretty fun bike game)
    megaman x5 pc rip
    jump stas mugen version
    dbz sage mugen
    dbz dream mugen
    metalslug 1 2 3 x emu versions atrai i think
    jazz jack rabbit 2 with sercet files and winter
    sonic 1 2 3 kuncles spinball every gba game (major 2d sonic fan)

    online pc games

    booleg fighter = gundam clone
    warzone 2010
    Desire Ragnarok Online Full 2.0 (private serer
    Driftcity from
    gunz from
    Galaxy Online (real time sat game)
    netpanzer (tank sat game
    exteel (getting this heard it was good)
    bots (played along time ago and regetting)


    note most of these are roms note i won;t provide lniks due to legal reasons

    cart using is an r4 no sd version

    2573_Bangai-O_Spirits_USA_NDS-XPA (WARNING VERY HARD )
    custom robo ds
    metal slug 7 full english torrent (no links sorry)
    Ragnarok Online
    Soma Bringer english rom patch
    Advance Wars - Dark Conflict (E)
    Bomberman Story DS (E)(CBT) (wfi rocks on this)
    Digimon World Dusk (U)(Xenophobia)
    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (E) (takes alot of time D)
    Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars (2nd gta at its best)
    Jump! Ultimate Stars (classic 2 fighting)
    Lunar Knights (E) (not to hard on the last part with the statues)
    Pokémon Platinum (U) (thats right full pokemon english D)
    Soma Bringer (J)(6RZ)-patched (thanks to the team for the great trans loving this game)
    Spectral Force Genesis (has the 0.2 patch i realy hope u contiune your work looking a good game)
    Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier (U)(OneUp) (the boob jokes who can resist ^^)
    Super Robot Taisen W (JP)-patched (another one id liek to do fully trans)
    The World Ends With You (E)(XMS)
    Worms Open Warfare 2 (E)(Xenophobia)
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