Good afternoon everyone!

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    Hello friends,

    My name is Shivaji Patil and I am from Kentucky. In college I got NSS certificate which I participated as volunteer in my 1st year of engineering. My strengths are hardworking, self motivation, and dedication towards my work. And also I'm a good learner as well as teacher. My hobbies are making crafts, painting, and surfing the net. I have a 12 year old son named Jayesh. I bought him a Nintendo 3DS for his 11th birthday, and we are looking into all of these mods and hacks for it together. I "hardmodded" his 3DS last Wednesday. My short term goal to get placed in a well reputed company. As of now I work at a Supermarket, sadly, but I will keep working toward my goal! Have a good day everyone.
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    Aha, this reads like a CV. Anyway, it's lovely to have you here. Here's hoping you enjoy the community ^^
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    Good night. (Yes, I'm a rebel.)