Question Goldtree (and Fluffy) can't to connect to Switch (USB)

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  1. Memfis

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    My Switch: ReiNX, 8.1.0
    I also tested Fluffy. Fluffy found my Switch (it's displays), but if I want to transfer an NSP-File i get an error (Goldleaf error)
    Anyone have an idea?
  2. DinduMuffin

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    May 14, 2018
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    You need to do 2 things. First download Goldleaf windows application. (Goto Goldleaf Github page and look for/download Second you need to install Zandig drivers for Nintendo Switch. Just search for Zandig.

    You should do a Youtube search for "goldleaf usb install tutorial" and watch some video tutorials first. Hope it helps.
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  3. Lacius

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    The DZ version Tinfoil and nut server are recommended.
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  4. productionx

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    Jun 6, 2019
    I had similar issues, I noticed that in Atmosphere I couldn't get usb connection working(all I cared about was the ability to copy saves via usb to local and back)

    I realized eventually that in Windows device manager it was picking random drivers as to what the Switch was! This was despite the libusb-k crap. Turns out each CFW has a different way of presenting itself to Windows as to what it is.

    With atmosphere I could not get this this working, with Reinx before I upgraded switch to 8.0.1 I was able to switch driver back to libusb-k and get usb transfers again.