Goldeneye 007: wii REMAKE!!! WIN!!!

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    News: Activision Wii-making Goldeneye?

    Thirteen years on, could the classic Goldeneye: 007 be released again on Wii, now starring Daniel Craig?

    Strong rumours suggest that Activision, current holders of the Bond licence, are re-making the genre-defining Goldeneye 007 for the Wii. Originally released thirteen years ago on the N64, the Rare-developed game received universal critical praise - a blessing and a curse that the Bond series has never managed to top.


    While still to be confirmed, it's looking increasingly likely that Activision believes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, apparently deep into the development of a Goldeneye re-make for the Wii, now starring the facial likeness of current Bond, Daniel Craig.

    Pictures leaked to GoNintendo show mock-ups of the box-art, while CVG confirms original developers Rare will have nothing to do with the title. Apparently developing duties are in the hands of 007: Nightfire outfit Eurocom, if a leaked CV from October last year is to be believed.

    Elaborate hoax, or will we hear all at E3? Stay tuned for the latest as it breaks.

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