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    Pardon with my grammar problem when you read this.

    I am sure any of you who is big fan of GS series, but let talk about music. I know music look badass but there is something missing that we never notice it during series. Let talk about title screen, alright?

    You already know each title screen have different music, right? What if you didn't know that actually release before second part come out? Let it say GS already have GS: TLA Title Screen music. But it is not final version. But there is one thing it missing. The bass. Bass wasn't in there in GS. There is other thing also missing but I can't describe it. I did look up the GS "The Title Screen" on google. It didn't release in game or didn't say anything on wiki. Title screen music already in there before "The Title Screen". I found out when I use GBA Music Riper. It caught me off guard when I heard this music. I went to Zophar website and download GSF/MINIGSF and hopefully it is unused title screen. But sadly it different name. It said "The Title Screen". Maybe it beta version of The Lost Age title screen?

    Here is original music for GS Title Screen.

    Of course you already know that, right?

    Here is original music for GS as "The Title Screen"

    Therefore, this is final version of "The Title Screen" which is never release music in Golden Sun until The Lost Age come out.

    Now let compare GS "The Title Screen" music and GS TLA Title Screen music.

    Now you know why GS "The Title Screen" is never release in game because bass is not there or maybe the bass is not strong enough to handle in GS.
    Keep it mind, I am not expert for music type, but only I know about bass sound like.

    Now I want to hear your feedback or your opinion about this music.
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