Golden Sun 4 Speculation and Such - Possible Spoilers

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    Jan 2, 2011
    This thread will contain massive spoilers. Viewer discretion is advised. :3
    The other day, I beat Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I am now eagerly anticipating the second part to these games that apparently like to run in twos.

    A recap for those who beat the game awhile ago and forgot what happened:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Lets also not forget the fact that:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    What I was wondering;

    Will there be a new party? With that in mind. Will you see Jenna, Piers, Felix, Sheba, and the like in the next game? There is mention of all of them (minus Sheba), but not much seems to come of it. Piers seems to just be one step ahead of you during the latter portion of the game as you sail around. Will we get to see lots of the western world? Are they going to completely cut off half the map like they did in GS: The Lost Age and the original GS region?

    I just kind of want to know your thoughts. That, and I couldn't find another thread on this. Being a die hard fan, I like to look towards the future.

    One question hangs heavy for me though; Will GS4 be a DS or 3DS release? I'm really hoping for a normal DS release.
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    Jan 1, 2011
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    with an ending like that there better be a golden sun 4 and if there was it would most likley be on the 3ds the ds is about to slowely slip into the past like the gba
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    imma call it now, Felix's son, and someone else's child from the Warriors of Vale, go on a new adventure together, and meet new people, and then they meet up with Matthew's party(which had to go out into the world again b/c of the vortex) and then you get a party of 16 people. lol
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    Jan 29, 2013
    Hey, i'm a noobie. a fourth golden Sun is inevitable and would be awesome (and should be, or else... :) ) Anyway, here are my ideas for golden Sun 4, please spread them wherever you can, i want Camelot to find out about them!
    -Make Golden Sun 4’s difficulty at least twice as high as the first two Golden Sun’s.
    -make each trek between towns an arduous, slow, trying task.
    - fighting does not have to be the player’s main source of revenue.
    -Player can make poisons and antidotes, basic weapons etc.
    -Many different types of poison,
    -The player should choose what a blacksmith makes out of a raw material
    -At some stage of the game the player should be able to combine ALL psynergies
    -There should also be MANY new psynergies, even for the usual four elements.
    EARTH: Have the usual “Quake” psynergy series but extend it beyond “Quake Sphere”. Same goes for all other psynergy series.
    "Battle Formations/Actions"
    'Battle Formations'
    ‘Shield Prepared’:
    ‘Shield Block’:
    ‘Shield Wall’:
    ‘Shield Bash’:
    ‘Weapon Parry’:
    -‘Weapon Wall’:
    ‘Shield Charge’:
    ‘Weapon Charge’:
    ‘Prepared Charge’:
    ‘Equipment Borrowing’ (during battle)
    - food option
    There must be an option that makes ALL close-quarters attacks controlled by touch-screen.
    - ‘Retaliation’, Melee Duels’, and ‘Brawls’ are all done in real time with the 3DS’s button-controls -
    - ‘Skill Levels’ for individual characters for ‘Battle Formations’, ‘Battle Actions’.
    *"Retaliation' runs on ‘Real-Time’ .If anyone on either side of the battle comes close to his/her target to perform a melee attack, the defender has a few moments to strike back
    Eventually, this could lead to an all-out, Real-Time brawl with each party member fighting one enemy and helping his allies after defeating an opponent.
    -particular controls for 'Melee Duels and ‘Brawls’ (different to a normal battle situation):
    : ALL things that can be done in battle, from ‘Attacking' to ‘Charges’, to ‘Walls’, to Djinn to Summons, even to items should be controlled by touch-screen based mini-games, puzzles and drawings which are randomly chosen by the game.
    Also, poisons, antidotes, and weapons made by the player are made by the completion of touch-screen based puzzles.
    -Trading items, djinn, summons, psynergy, characters, music
    make multiplayer components local and online..
    Obviously, Camelot, all of your fans expect fantastic graphics
    things you could do to make GS 4 look awesome.
    - Display armour that characters are wearing. Both in and out of battle.
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    Jun 10, 2012
    if it is a direct sequel, that starts when they got back home,i would prefer it to be on the ds
    if it is a sequel that happens years later (or on another location) i would prefer it to be on the 3ds
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    Feb 9, 2010
    Right know.... nothing is confirmed.
    Camelot is a really really really small studio... and they're not focused on developing RPG like before (like it was with Sega). Most probably, they are working on a Mario Sport tittle for the WiiU or one of those crap cellphone games. It will take a really long time for them to develop another Golden Sun title (remember, we waited 7 years for Dark Dawn).

    So I wont get my hopes high at the moment. I will forget about it and make the wait less painful.
    Maybe we have some news in 2017.
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    i hope they go back to 2D. i don't like the 3d. i hate the puzzles. I only like it for the battles.
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    I should really finish this game its one of my favorite games and im glad theres a lot of support for this franchise