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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Cyan, Dec 31, 2014.

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    I don't know if I'll do it, but with a friend we are talking about going to New York this year.
    But I don't know this city nor what there is to do, to see, to visit etc.

    Of course, I know the "obvious places" (not much lol).
    Liberty island and Central park ... well that's it.

    So, first of all :
    Any temper to meet there? ;)

    Then, what would you recommend me to visit in 1-2 weeks?
    my friend always wanted to go to New York but never traveled, and me I wasn't really interested so far so I don't have any particular place I want to see.
    we would use the metro and walking for all our locomotion, so anything near our staying place (Brooklyn/Manhattan)

    finally :
    Do you have any suggestion for a reasonable/cheap place where to stay?
    Hotel? private flat renting you know or you could rent yourself? preferably in Brooklyn (Manhattan would be too expansive), or maybe the Bronx?

    I didn't check travel agencies yet, it's only a draft idea for a project so I'm only gathering possibilities and information on what to do there.
    We didn't decide a month choice yet, but summer looks expansive for the plane, so either before June or after September.
    Or maybe it won't be done this year. we are just looking at our options.
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    I forgot
    Well there's the Empire State Building, Central Park, Liberty Island, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo (if you're into that sort of thing), the Metropolitan Museum of Art...Lots of neat places to go in New York.

    Not sure on hotels, I've been to New York City like...once before, for a school trip. IIRC we had rooms at...I think it was called Hotel Pennsylvania, a quick Google search says they have rooms starting at $~100, not sure what your price range is.
  3. RevPokemon

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    First off I've never been to NYC but I have to say where to visit depends but I'd say some less obvious places would be the Nintendo store, trinity church wall street, radio city music hall and the art galleries
  4. tofast4u

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    If you're into clubbing go downtown to the meatpacking district, lots of nice bars and clubs there that are 21+. You could always check out Time Square, although you probably already know about that one just don't spend a long time here cause its not that special. If you're into comedy clubs, in Manhattan you can check out Dangerfields admission is like $1, although you need to buy 2 things once inside which could be just 2 sodas that would total $10 together. Hmm what else can you do in Manhattan :wink:, well you can always check Central Park I recommend going through the upper east sides(around 70th street), take a ferry around the city maybe at the same time as checking out the Statue Of Liberty. You should check out some locations like Union Square, Rockefeller Center(The best place to be at this time), and I guess Midtown Manhattan lots of nice shops and you can visit the Empire State Building.

    As for Brooklyn, I really wouldn't be able to tell you because I live in Queens but this is what I know about some nice placed at Brooklyn. Check out Coney Island and the boardwalk alongside the beach(I have no idea if its going to be dead though cause of the winter time). That's pretty much it that I know about Brooklyn.

    If your into Queens, I would suggest going to Astoria and visit its park its a nice place where people just go to hang out. In Astoria there's a bunch of nightlife as well with various hookah bars, and lounges. Pretty much anything else after Steinway street on the train is pretty much dead(If you're into visiting Malls check out Queens Center Mall on Woodhaven(in queens)).

    EDIT: All locations that were given can be accessed by the metro.
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    I live in New York (Bronx borough).
    I have to say its easier to look up on what you want to see or places to go to. If you wan't to go to Manhattan you might as well go to places like The Empire State building, Time square, Rockefeller Center, etc.
    There are also museums or other attractions to go to but it all depends on your taste, i my self might move to Manhattan one of these days.
    As of hotels you might be within a range of $150-80 (maybe),
  6. Cyan

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    Thank you for the answers :)

    hotel price I guess 80-100 (maybe 150, but less than 100 would be better), but I don't know the usual price range in NYC.

    Ah, nintendo store, that's a good idea!
    We are not club/bar/dancing fan.
    Museum and buildings (empire state, etc.) is probably where we will go, she also would like to see a musical (Broadway) so maybe Dangerfields comedy club could be interesting.
    probably taking the free ferry around liberty island.
    shopping too, but that's usual when on a trip.

    Ah, we thought seeing a baseball match too. a random one is fine, we don't follow baseball in France.

    Thank you for the place names.
    I don't know Union Square or Rockefeller Center, I will check these places too.
  7. ComeTurismO

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    I watched this movie yesterday that took place in New York. It has been years since I went to NY myself. The Empire State Building is a must, according to the protagonist's niece, and there is a nice ice cream shop around it, where you'd love to go. Go to Time Square and the mall which I forgot the name is!!! :@
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