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    Okay, so as far as japanese culture goes, I am as clueless as it gets. For some reason, my relatives want to make a trip to japan for our every-5-year-vacation. Yeah, it wasn't MY first choice, but I can't complain. Fuck that. Yes I can, I wanted to go to Germany [​IMG]

    Anyway, before all the weeaboos come in here and ejaculate all over this thread, please help me out before you tell me a billion times how lucky I am.


    Question 1: How accommodating is Japan to English speaking visitors? Do the TV channels have English captions, or a seperate audio channel that dubs over the video in english? Do the signs have English translations?

    Question 2: I fucking love sushi. What etiquette do I need to display in a sushi house, so I don't look like an uncultured animal?

    Question 3: Where the hell can I find a place that sells Green Tea taffy? Someone brought that shit over from Japan, and he doesn't remember where he got it.
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    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I hope that kind of helped.
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    Why do they get all the cool signs? I wish the people on the signs here had emotions...
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    You'd be surprised, but quite a few Japanese people can speak pretty good English. Depending on the area you go to, I could ask one of my friends there to be your guide to all the good places with the yummiest food. (*whispers* Go to Osaka! The food there is delicious!)

    Question 1: I'm not sure about the channels being dubbed, but I know you can find some movies in English with Japanese subs.

    Question 2: Hmm... I dunno if this will help, but I hope it does.

    Question 3: I'm not too sure about where to find this, but you can probably try a candy store in the area you're going to or take a trip to a candy store in Tokyo.
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    1) Japanese are really respectful to English speaking visitors. It's the way they run. If you're going around Tokyo, you should have no problem communicating with people, as a surprising amount do know a bit of English. Some TV channels provide second audio channels, but I don't recall any local channels doing English dubs. There are a few English channels though (mostly CNN and BBC for news). 90% of signs in popular tourist areas have English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), as well as Korean translations.
    2) Just eat with basic manners, lol. Though do consider the look of the sushi house first, if it doesn't look too great, it may not be selling fresh fish. You don't want to run into stomach problems while on vacation.
    3) That is a great question, lol. I'm sure you can find it in convenience stores (FamilyMart is huge in Japan).
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    Man I wish we had these kind of signs EVERYWHERE!
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