God of War 3 Game Informer cover story leaked


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Nov 7, 2007
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Game Informer's March 2009 effort is quite an issue: Resident Evil 5, GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, Brütal Legend, and, of course, God of War 3. Did you hear? (Spoiler alert!) It's kinda like the first two, only bigger, badder and more badass -- er, wait, maybe that's the description for the other G-to-the-W sequel ...

But we digress, as is fated any juicy magazine preview, Game Informer's God of War 3 cover story has been scanned and posted in its digitized entirety; this time, on the PS3Chat.com forums (and elsewhere, we assume). If you want to dig through such compelling reveals as game director Stig Asmussen's progress report on God of War 3's obligatory sex minigame, then you're just a few clicks away. (Side note: has anyone else noticed that the designers' names get more ridiculous as this series progresses?) But, a word of advice, if we may: These are dire times for print, and, if you appreciate the work that Game Informer has put in for the new issue, then don't forget to show your support (read: buy the crinkly thing).

Besides, Joystiq will publish our "online-only" God of War 3 preview in just two days! (That's, uh, this Friday, by the way.)

[Leaked Scans]

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