God Damn this Ungrateful Bastard of a Husband

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    Oct 29, 2015
    So today on a Portuguese talk show (normally I don't watch but..) I noticed that participant was a victim of domestic violence though the most unusual thing is that the bastard's ex-wife was so pretty (how shallow of me to take notice when a women's bonita & in peril!) and yet, she was in this situation. From what I remember the ungrateful jerk physically abused her and tried to also kill her by running over her but thankfully she's alive. However, despite the husband being the obvious culprit he's the one who has custody over the kids (think it's three daughters) rather than their mother herself. As for the husband he's not even in a prison but house-arrest with a leg bracelet and all the while the govt is all A-OK (bunch of incompetents that can't make the right decisions).

    Her name's Ana Maximiano and here's a photo of her:


    Source of the photo: http://www.tvi.iol.pt/programa/a-ta...ates--videos/video/56b2536f0cf23a823a64092f/1

    I wish that I was married to a woman like her, smart, beautiful, decisive and willing to fight for what's right but I'm just some guy. I've got loads of materialistic items but it really doesn't make up for the lack of my soulmate whoever she'd be and I'd be happy to give it all up if it meant to be the way to live my life (whilst living happy with the essentials). Would I be a good husband to my other half? I simply don't know but I'd try to make it work.

    Lastly, with all said it's not to forget that there's women who too physically abuse of men but when it's men that get attacked they get laughed at and joked as by others as if it wasn't a serious issue and this really needs to be solved. Domestic violence doesn't only apply to women albeit from statistics women are the majority of the victims (men are too embarrassed to report it). Here I bestow a great example of a feminist who thinks men rights are a joke: Feminist Jess Phillips laughs at Mens Rights That's just great to have someone like her in power.

    P.S. I decided to post this on The Edge of the Forum as it could possibly be unsuitable for the surface part of the forum.

    P.P.S This is not me trying to be a whiteknight (I kinda am doing it) though just annoys me that some asshat married a wife like Ana Maximiano and then trashed her. Now, excuse my Portuguese but that guy needs go foder himself. Feels good to have gotten this out.
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    would bang.
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    Looks like a bitch
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    I'm sure there's two sides to that story
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