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    I followed wiiu.hacks.guide and after much struggle got into CFW via Mocha/Indexiine.

    So here's my situation. My gamepad has a broken LCD. It just displays black, except a thin strip at the left side which gives me small clues as to what screen I'm on. Touch controls and all that works. I want to abandon the gamepad entirely, as well as Wiimotes (which I haven't even dug out of storage yet, was hoping to avoid those altogether).

    Is what I'm trying to do even possible? If so, what do I do now that I can launch into HBC? I can't tell that there's anything to do as of yet. I can get into the HB App store for whatever I need I guess. I have the WUP GX2 installer as included in the wiiu.hacks.guide tutorial, but if I launch into that, it does nothing. I don't know if it's doing anything on the gamepad screen because I can't see it, but far as I know there's nothing for it to be installing. I imagine I need to use this somehow.

    I've googled and found stuff about a Nintendont Forwarder, but hell if that makes sense to me at all. I have Nintendont stuff downloaded to my SD in SD:\apps\Nintendont but the v1.4 homebrew launcher isn't finding any of that. I have the SD:\games folder set up so there are "game.iso" files inside subfolders with unique names for each game, so I guess I should be able to get to them if I ever get Nintendont launched.

    Even if my ideal situation of being on pro controller 100% isn't possible, at least being able to get into a gamecube game will help me get my bearings for further exploration and settle on something I like. So what is it that I have to do from here on out? Any help is appreciated, I've been at researching and not finding anything comprehensive, but just bits and pieces that I'm struggling to put in order, for hours over the last few days now.

    Edit: Thanks to this I've got a few channels that can go gamepadless, notably the WUP GX2 installer. So I just have to figure out how I'm supposed to install Nintendont? https://gbatemp.net/threads/homebrew-controller-mods-use-homebrew-gamepad-free.563011/

    Edit 2: I think I'm really close to set. So, I had no idea that wiiu.hacks.guide had a vWii hacking section. The sidebar loses the link to it when you are following the Wii U section. Unfortunately, that does require a Wiimote, which I did dig up. I think it was only really required for launching the Mii Channel on vWii after modifying it with wuphax or whichever as instructed in the guide. In the future, if someone creates an elf like the hlc2hbc forwarder (more on that later), that'd be really nifty and might circumvent Wiimote need entirely, but a controller that replaces the wiimote would be needed for the Bootmii/Hackmii Installation / those being modified to try to get other controllers supported too.

    After getting that stuff installed, and while I did install the cIOS stuff, I ended up skipping the Patch ISO80 step. I read later on that Nintendont just doesn't need cIOS, so you can skip that too probably.

    So at this point, someone who has followed the guide should be able to launch directly into Wii Mode, requiring a wiimote (and candles) to select TV±Gamepad, then launch vWii Home Brew Channel, and then select Nintendont all on the Wiimote. Once a game was launched, I was able to just use my Wii U Pro Controller right away, no effort trying to use it.

    Seems the Wiimote can be skipped by using the elf here: https://github.com/FIX94/hbl2hbc/releases. Select this in your Wii U Home Brew Launcher (using my setup of Indexiine, I just launch my internet browser, wait, and using modified Home Brew Launcher as linked int he first edit, use my Pro Controller to navigate and select hbl2hbc.elf). This kicked me right to vWii HBC where I had the option of selecting the cIOS installer app or Nintendont.

    I could not get the channel forwarder found here to work: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-wiiu2hbc-a-hbl2hbc-forwarder-channel.455991/ but I believe that it hung on black screen because I launched the channel directly before enabling CFW. Which is undesirable, because the only way I can get CFW to activate is selecting Mocha CFW on my Wii U HBL which can only be activated using A button on the gamepad. So I'll stick to Indexiine/hbl2hbc.elf. Just quicker, even if Mocha could support the pro controller's A button, you'd still have an extra Wii U reboot to wait on.

    It seems I can streamline this one step further. In the links for the hbl2hbc, you'll read about a config file. Apparently a config file with value "WWND=Nintendont" alone in a hbl2hbc.txt should bring me straight to Nintendont when launching the hbl2hbc.elf in the Wii U HBL. Per the post here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/nintendont-forwarder-for-wii-u-not-vwii.494159/#post-7830255

    And that's all I wanted. I might have myself set up for a mess if I try to play Wii games, but who knows. I only wanted to get to GameCube games at this point, and most Wii games want a wiimote anyhow.
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    I recently softmodded my WiiU but still cannot understand a lot of things about it, it is way messier than the 3DS scene. Your post was a nice help in all of this, so thanks for the info!
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