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    Mar 13, 2009
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    I have my Wiimote hooked up with my bluetooth device and it syncs fine with my PC... but now I have 2 very big problems...

    #1 and arguably the worst problem... Glovepie scripts don't work for me. The only things that work are shift and LEDs on the wiimote.

    #2: ppjoy doesn't work so far as I know on windows vista or windows 7. The driver just will not install even if I disable driver signing via F8

    Number 2 is a problem because without it, I won't have analogs when I play games which would be pretty cruddy.

    I'm using glovepie .29 as that was the latest official version I could download (seems .30 was taken down for some reason)

    Thanks in advance.

    (edit) Okay, I've managed to solve issue #1. But I still have problem number 2. I have no way to assign the analogs on the classic controller which I'd really rather like to have working if possible.
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    All i can say is that i spent hours with varying succuess with glovepie

    try RMX automation it has a wiimote plugin make sure you install it during the installation process you have to check the box for it under custom install/device plugins

    sorry i would offer you better reply but im in hurry.