Glory Days 2

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    Alright everyone, welcome to my first review on GBAtemp. I decided to do this review basically because I love Glory Days 2, and I think everyone else should at least give this game a good go. Haven’t heard a lot about it online, so I’m guessing it was a sleeper title. There is a summary at the bottom if you don't feel like reading everything, although I suggest you do. Alright, lets get into it.

    Glory Days 2: Brotherhood of Men is the official title. Glory Days 2 is basically a 2D Battlefield game, where you either control a helicopter or a plane. The gameplay changes between either vehicle, although they have the same basic controls and concepts. When you first start it up, and try to jump into a quick match, it is a definite “WTF” moment. Most people will have no idea what’s going on, which is why I recommend playing at least the first two chapters of the story, which includes short readable tutorials.

    Essentially, the whole gameplay revolves around building your army and capturing bunkers on an ever shifting front line. When your tanks reach a bunker, they will easily destroy it, but tanks are slow to get there. However, try to send in infantry and if you aren’t supporting them they will be slaughtered.

    Although not very intuitive, the controls are easy to master, even the aiming of the bombs. As the helicopter, you can either opt to stay behind lines and rescue civilians, providing you with more funds to fuel your army, or you can fly to the front lines, holding soldiers and bomb the enemy-controlled bunkers whilst dropping off your own men to secure them.

    In the plane, there really isn’t any aspect of rescuing civilians. You really focus on using your bombs to take out enemies, calling in air-strikes and engaging in combat with enemy planes and helicopters. The plane is faster, but the helicopter is more manoeuvrable.

    In the game, there are certain weapons called special weapons. To get these, you have to bomb targets accurately. Twenty successful hits in a row nets you a special weapon, which includes a V4 missile, carpet bombs and even paratroopers. There is in fact a small aspect of resource management, as you have to manage the funds for your army and build the units, whilst fighting on the front line and/or rescuing civilians.

    Graphics in the game are rather cutesy, and brings to mind a sort of “War is Fun” feel, although this is not unwelcome. The backgrounds are very well done, if a bit repetitive, and the sprites don’t let the game down in any way, but don’t innovate graphically.

    The story in the game revolves around three different time periods, which have more upgraded planes and helicopters with different special weapons and different vehicles. The war takes place in “Unknown Arabic Country,” and it seems as if the troops are having some trouble there.

    Summary: Glory Days 2 is a 2 dimensional Battlefield-esque game in which you control a helicopter or a plane. The graphics are decent, but they don’t really matter in a game such as this. The gameplay, whilst not innovative as such, is excellent. The story is very good, but really doesn’t matter in a game like this. All in all, this would be a great game to play multiplayer, and the single player is excellent as well.