1. Deaddy

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    Oct 10, 2004
    I've been messing around with configuring the G6 media extend. I can't get a global.ini file to work. I've tried using an ini file from the regular G6 moonshell 1.3c with it, as well as an ini file for the built in M3 media extend. Both cause my extend program to go to white screen and freeze. I was wondering if anyone else has had success with this. I threw all of the BMP files from a M3 media extend skin into the System folder on my G6 lite and it loaded all of them except the 'Game' icon (I guess G6 has 7 icons compared to M3's 8). So the graphics are compatible between M3 and G6 media extend, but the global.ini file doesn't appear to be. I have emailed G6 asking for a proper ini file but thought I would check here whether anyone has figured it out already.

    Another detail about the M3 skin. Although G6 didn't detect the 'Game' icon (icon4.bmp) it appears that the G6 media extend is based on the M3's player because G6 uses the same file names for every other icon, meaning it uses the file names icon0-3.bmp, and then continues with icon5-7.bmp skipping icon4.bmp. Interesting, maybe they're going to add it back in later on.
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