glitchDS v1.1


Jul 11, 2006
United States
glitchDS v1.1
Cellular Automation Music Sequencer
glitchDS, the cellular automation music sequencer application for the DS, gets an update! With this new version, you can change sequence length and snapshot management has been improved. Also, there were some bug fixes. You may want to note that your old snapshots won't load in this version, as the developer changed the format. Changelog and download below.

Changelog said:

Improved snapshot management - Snapshot management acts more like a file system, with real names and a limit of 200 save files. I’ve attempted to keep the interface simple and clean.

Ability to change sequence length - Sequence lengths of 32, 16, 8, 4, and 2 can be selected by using the right and left directional buttons on the sequencer control page. Sequence length is indicated by a small gray bar at the very bottom of the sequencer control page.


- BPM can be changed while the sequencer is stopped.

- Certain errors should no longer cause the program to halt, such as missing files. However, error handling is still weak.
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