Glass screen lenses - quality comparison (detailed photos)

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    Jul 12, 2014

    some users were asking if chinese glass lenses are good or not. I won't be able to anwer that question until i'll break one (im not going to - sorry), but i can show you detailed photos of those lenses compared to original plastic lens.

    Special thanks to MastahXd for sharing lenses.

    Here is place where you can buy those lenses

    Here you can see that "Game Boy Advance" print is not perfect quality, however i had to really look at to note that. I used macro in camera.

    Unlike the original, inscription is opalescent. I couldn't get it more visible by camera. It looks more colorful IRL.

    Original lens vs. glass lens. Note the lack of contour around letters in glass lens. Glass lens is black, original is dark grey.

    More detailed view.

    Im going to remove protecting film now and place the glass lens in GBA case. It may be tricky because lenses doesnt have any glue.