Giveaway Pokemon- guess and win.

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    Hi all, for who are in need of good events try the guess game and win something goood.

    I will give to 7 winners a korean lucario video proofed. (when i announce the winners i will post below.)

    I will announce the winners once i see 7 winners. (Not when i see only 6 or lower)

    I will send the video proof before trading via Pm. (Do remember to save the proof on some paper or just copy paste on some safe place on your computer like a note or something)

    This will be done via Link trade. (Cause lucario is not a normal pokemon but event pokemon and event pokemon can only be traded through Link trades unless hacked)

    This lucario is legit (but cloned from original).

    Everyone has a life so try to understand the view point of people(we are all humans no one is superior to no one , ranks do never matter remember that, when you grow up you learn things and you might regret the past)


    >> This guy use some kind of ''freeze'' gun. He is some kind of villain but is also actually/becomes a good guy. Who is that ?

    (he does not appear in pokemon but in different tvshows)
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    Felonious Gru from Despicable Me
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    Yeaaaaahhhh probably Gru from Despicable Me.