Hacking [Giveaway!] Ace3DSX NTR/Dual-Boot Cart


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May 12, 2006
United States
Hi everyone! I'm going to give away 1 (maybe 2) Ace3DSX carts tomorrow on stream (Twitch) starting around 4 PM Mountain Time. You can watch for the Twitch to go live at the top of the site or tune in through my channel. Entry is done via a chat command and the winners will be chosen at random at some point between 4 and 7.

"What the catch?!", I hear you asking! Well, you have to suffer through my horrible attempts to play online games super slick Pro Gameplay™ and listen for your name to be called! I'm not going to ninja the drawing or anything, but it could take place anytime in-between matches so keep an eye out!

I will pay to ship the prize if you are in North America. If you are outside of the US I will have to check costs, if they are reasonable I will ship it, please let me know at time of drawing!

Good luck!
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