Give me some inspiration on what to do with Gameboy consoles (using broken ones' parts)

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    Dec 18, 2015
    The tittle may be a little misleading or something but,here's what I'm asking for:

    I have 2 game boy advance sp,of which the one,is fully working and can read game cartridges,while the other,is a somewhat clone,which has a ultra bright screen,(differenet feeling than backlit) but there is a problem).The screen would flash white when it was opened and had a 5% chance to open normal by doing something like a trick,with uknow reason that percentage was lost,and it'd always flash a white screen.Recently I checked if everything inside it was alright and it was, so i tried to connect the ultrabright screen with the normal gameboy advance sp,it failed,by not even lighting up the screen and then I re-''conected'' the gameboy advance sp clone and it wouldn't open the screen.Note:the console was working,probably,since the speaker would normally make the sound effects and all.

    So this is a big story but i just want to ''improve the lighting,sound ,buttons or anything with the utilities i have.

    List of the consoles I own and the things I'm quite much sure they have:

    • Gameboy Colour (Original,''A'' button is kinda broken)
    • Gameboy Advance (Original,seems to have less brightness than it used to)
    • Gameboy Advance SP (Clone,it was mentioned in the shop that it had a 2GB built n memory for games,can't read original cartridges, can deafen you while in full sound probably o.O,screen ultra bright,and something that need so be mentioned is that it is using something like emulation since gameboy advance games have different sound and are slow at times but it also has some nes games built in.instead of the charger cable it hasa original usb cable input,I don't remember the exact name right now but i remeber it looked like a ds lite charger cable.It also has a probably stronger battery,and I'm quite sure it IS different than the normal one.Also,the ''gear'' button resets the system in that one)
    • Gameboy Advance SP (Original,the screen is backlit so it can be altered from backlight to frontlight,has mixed box parts and it's quite much too colurful.)
    So I'm asking for some inspiration on what I can do with these suff to make one ultimate gba,or have many,fully working Gameboys

    Please note that I know almost NOTHING about hardmodding,if it's anything simple,not requiring risks and other tools and stuff,suggest it and I'll think on it

    Thanks in advance,sorry for bad english
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