GH:WT drums in Rock Band 2?

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  1. davidsl_128

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    Aug 19, 2008
    I recently got Rock Band 2 with two guitars, and I really like it. Now I'm thinking of getting a drumset. I know that since it's for Rock Band, the obvious thing to do would be to get the RB drums, but first I wanted to know, are the World Tour drums good? If I used them for Rock Band, how would the "buttons" work, since there are 5 drums but only four drum buttons in Rock Band?

    My guess are that the red, yellow and blue drums in the WT drumset play the first three buttons, and both the orange and green drums play the last one (this would be the ideal thing for me, but maybe I'm wrong). Also which is more fun to play with?
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    Jul 9, 2009
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    The GHWT drums can be used and will function normally. The orange cymbal does the same thing as the blue pad.

    Personally, I vastly prefer the Rock Band drums because they don't break as easily, the pedal doesn't move, and I find the position of the yellow cymbal pad awkward on the GHWT drums.

    If you are fortunate, you can find RB1 drums (which work as well as RB2 except that the drumheads are louder when hit) for $30 or so.