GFX issue Am I Screwed?

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    Jan 24, 2011
    OK, so I have an early Wii that I bought from someone else because they needed the money more than the Wii.

    A while ago I started having issues with the GFX on the Wii with some games, I would get black blocks showing up or other graphics corruption but it would only show in some games New Super Mario Bros was easily the worst offendor being rendered almost unplayable.

    A while ago and thanks to some of the useful info provided on this site I thought I would try out some of the homebrew and other useful Wii features and I installed "The Homebrew Channel".

    Since then the GFX issues have become worse and are showing up in more games so now only a few games are actually playable.

    Right I thought, the time has come to get this fixed!

    So I removed all my preferipherals, channels (including homebrew channel) etc and sent it off to Nintendo, expecting them to chage me £65 to change out the GFX chip.

    Instead they sent me a turse message telling me they had "Found evenidence of unauthroised software etc" (specifically siting the HBC) on my Wii and the only way to remedy the situation was to pay them £199 for whch they would "restore" my Wii to factory default. I know the HBC leaves behind traces but I really didn't think they would even boot up the Wii and look for them.

    Obviously I'm not going to go for that when I can buy a new Wii from Game for less.

    I think they are going to send my Wii back eventually but I still have the same problem.

    Is there anything I can do short of just buying a new Wii off Ebay?


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    Well. A quick google search reveals that this graphic issue is something that the Wii has had through the years. Just as the 360 has it´s problems with RROD and PS3 has it´s problem with YLOD. It´s apparently a common problem of older machines.

    As for fixing it yourself. I don´t know if I´m the one to answer. I know how to install a graphics card into a PC, but for the Wii, it´s a whole different deal. Perhaps anyone that´s good on tech-stuff can answer it better. But as it seems to be a hardware-problem your graphics card might have to be replaced.

    My 5 cents is that you may be interested in getting yourself a new Wii. I´ve heard about brick-fixers on about this forum, but no graphics-card-fixers. =(

  3. Donkey Plonk

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    Jan 3, 2011
    The wii artefact issue as its known is unfortunately not fixable.
    If its doing it, it will most likely be doing it through having wii connect 24 on, that was always the culprit back in the day.

    If Wiiconnect24 is on your wii gets quite hot as it runs quite a bit in the background and as such, the fan doesn't run and the fucker overheats. And after that, you get green/black blocks randomly. As I said, totally unfixable. You're welcome to take a heat gun to it akin to a 360/PS3 fix, however I'm pretty certain it won't do jack shit on this problem.

    The + side of it, the only wii I have ever had that did it was again a very old wii, and it never ever got any worse, just always gave the bad blocks and still works to this day, still with the artefacts.

    If its that bad then its gonna have to be new wii time.
    They can be had for about £50 for console only since you'll already have all the bits
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    ahh the old black dots of death i had that happen to my day 1 wii a long time ago but never had it ever since. you can't fix it ONLY big N can fix it by replacing the whole board. so you can either send it in to them or just buy a new wii. and as stated keep wiiconnect OFF standby!