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    well ive been having problems with my gfx card so im sorting a refund/ exchange out with the site (
    and i wanted to know if this card is any good

    if not then please help me choose a good card my budget is £80 inculding VAT
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    384MB XFX 8800GS Alpha Dog, PCI-E 2.0, Mem 1400MHz, GDDR3, GPU 580MHz, Stream 96, 2x DL DVI-I
    to save anyone else a click.

    Some charts are a good place to start:,538.html

    I am not overly enamoured with the 8XXX series thus far (or the 9XXX for that matter but this is more to do with my dislike of the DX10 rollout).
    That aside the 8800GS is the bottom end of the gamers cards in the 8XXX series (the 8600 and below are generally considered rudimentary cards in the 8XXX line and stuff like the 8800 GTS rates higher than the GS (although the right game and bit of overclocking can change that or render it insignificant))

    It will play games and the like at a reasonable res with reasonable options but I would not expect miracles: you could do far worse but poking around
    They have some of the GT and GTS line for about £80 but they are also lower in memory.
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    If you play alot of games, a 8800 GT 512mb is way better.
    If you only play old games, like Cs , Wow, Duke nukem 3D, the card you posted will be alright.