Getting the EZ-Flash IV Even Worth it?

Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by Xanthe, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Xanthe

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    Dec 23, 2015
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    It sounds as if the EZ Flash IV is buggy and requires a lot of patching in order to run ROMS. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I'd love a decent emulator for my gameboy, but I'm not sure if the EZ Flash is even good. I would invest in the Everdrive...but the price, man 0.0
  2. Classicgamer

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    Aug 20, 2012
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    Well I have one but I hardly use it now. It worked flawlessly. I much prefer gba on 3ds or on pc via retro arch.
  3. FAST6191

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    For the record it is a flash cart and not an emulator. The game you are running is running on the hardware it was designed for and thus does not count as emulation. Some systems can have certain problems if the original carts had extra hardware (NES and SNES being good examples) but the GBA is pretty simple. For some it is a minor distinction, both are means by which to play your chosen code aimed at a given device after all, but I would hold it is one worth making. Unless you literally mean you want to play gameboy games (as in GB/GBC), in which case all GBA flash carts you will be able to find will use emulation to play those.

    Ask if you can play the vast vast majority of GBA games just fine on an EZ4 and the answer is yes, yes you can and thousands of people have done for many years now. There are games that cause trouble, most of those have patches to work around that. More .
    A lot of patching? You select the ROM, press go and it sends it to the microSD. We could debate what counts as a lot of patching but you would be hard pressed to count the average GBA patch as that (DS games often had to be individually patched, GBA ones maybe had to have the patches remade when a new save type appeared but were otherwise fine as the concepts were that generic for most things.
    Buggy? I can get them to behave oddly, I can get most electronics and programs to pitch a fit if I want to. Can you simply turn on, select the games option, select from a large list of things and play for 90% of stuff without any contrivances and having to remember things? Sure, and for the rest (the greater than 128Mbit stuff from the thread linked) it is a minor thing (you make sure you have space on the NOR and press select to get it to burn there, at which point it stays until you delete it).
    Is the everdrive easier still? Yep, however the EZ4 is pretty braindead simple to deal with and operate.
  4. slaphappygamer

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    Even though the everdriveGBA runs gb/gbc games, it is still emulation. The same emulator that you'd use for any other gba flashcart. If I were to get a flashcart now for my gba, itd be the ezflash IV. Also, the everdrive is an over-sized cart, so it'd stick out, but you probably already know that.
  5. otenko

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    Aug 13, 2016
    As someone who has both the EZ Flash IV Mini SD and the Everdrive GBA X5, I totally recommend getting the EDGBA. Sure the EZ Flash works well, mine was used for years, however EDGBA is a lot better. It can load games almost instantly, it has support for RTC, besides a lifetime warranty. It's a expensive product, but it is really worth every cent.
  6. Hking0036

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    Sep 15, 2015
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    Upside of the EDGBA is no patching roms for the EZIV, and all the .gb/.gbc roms can be run directly from the menu like any other .gba file instead of building a library with the goomba tool.
  7. Skyhigh_

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    when you guys refer to the EZ flash IV do you mean the micro sd model?

    I have that one and well it seems kind of painful

    I bought it a year ago and don't use it much

    to start off with i can't seem to play gb/gbc games and if i can get them to work i would like to them save on the micro sd card itself. I know for my supercard mini sd gba cart i used goomba as a way to play gb/gbc games however that was inconvenient i had to convert games into gba format and when i loaded them on the supercard mini sd i could play them however after months of not playing them all the saves were gone.

    Also some games for my e flash IV stay white ( pokemon emerald) they don't load

    I wish i could just drag and drop and play without any hassle

    seems the everdrive can do that but too expensive for my tastes

    I am trying to use the EZ-FLASH IV on my gameboy micro and when i converted files to goomba for gb/gbc it says sdram too low