Getting soaked helped my 3DS? Lmfao...

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    Ha, you thought I'd tell?
    I'm pretty sure this belongs here...

    Anyways, just the other day I was playing my 3DS while in bed and I guess I didn't realized it had fallen off when i went to sleep. So I woke up, also forgetting that I had left a bottled water I was drinking next to my bed also and, it being dark, I got up and didn't notice that it was right where I was stepping. Even worse, the top wasn't all the way on and so when i stepped on it, it like blasted EVERYWHERE(thankfully it was only water, had nothing but the water on the floor anyways).

    I then realized my 3DS had fallen off and was on the floor as well. I picked it up to see if it had gotten on it, and yeah...the thing was soaked. I guess it seeped into it because I could see that it looked a little well...watery be this did not happen'. It just sat home all day while I was out getting some things done and I was thinking to myself, maybe it'll be fine when I get back and after it dries up a little. Miraculously, when I got back home, I turned it on and the top screen was back to normal, the 3D worked, all my games and stuff worked, but one thing had gotten a big change...

    My outer cameras were functioning perfectly and I have not had a problem at all from them since. Why did I feel this was so great? Before this situation occurred, I could almost never take pictures with the outer cameras because they acted up literally 90% of the time, I was extremely lucky if I turned the camera on didn't get a black picture screen/it didn't freeze up instantly; had to switch to the inner camera to even look at my pictures and videos on it. This was seriously like a 'WTF?!' moment to me.

    Has anyone else had any kind of misfortune happen in which they thought their system or something was ruined for good, yet the 'bad' incident appeared to have actually made things better than before?
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    You should add a note that this is not recommended. You don't want people to ruin their systems just because it worked once.
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    I forgot
    Generally water only damages electronics when there is a current running. As long as the 3DS was off and you give it adequate time to dry off it would be fine, so I wouldn't say this is a miracle. Just...lucky nothing got ruined.
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    This is should be in the blog section.

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    Sounds like there might have been some dirt partially bridging a connection inside that lead to the camera and the water might have washed it off.

    Just a random guess so please don't post it as some cure for the issue lol

    Or maybe the water snapped a tin whisker off (if thats even a problem anymore?)
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    Well lucky for you that this worked but I don't think people should go around doing this.
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    lol probally cleaned the lens covers as they cna get mucky in pockets and stuff
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    Cant say I feel to safe taking my Zelda 3DS for a dip...