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    Hey... I'm trying to rip my starwars IV DVD to watch on my DS... but I was wondering, how do I extract the video from the DVD? Is there an app someone can point me to? Thanks.
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    kvad was kind enought to point you in the direction of and without question it is a fantastic site from which to learn video (check the forums especially), I certainly have picked up countless tricks, tips and infomation from there.

    However I assume you want this short and sweet and Doom9 is a scary place for some at first so here goes, this is not a full account as I am in somewhat of a rush but it should point you in the right direction. I would suggest reading the whole thing as when I am in a rush ordered advice tends to fly out of the window.

    Your DVD is likely encrypted, fortunately the encryption is completely useless and poses nothing more than a minor annoyance.
    Now while you proably do not care about encryption that much I shall explain it none the less.
    CSS:: You may have heard of DECSS a while back, this enycryption is found on nearly every DVD and will need to be got rid of (it will cause nice coloured blocks if you manage to leave it). Nearly every DVD encryption tool on the planet deals with this.
    Macrovision: Techinically not encryption and is falling out of favour somwhat (some of the big studios do not use it any more as rates are horrific for absolutely no gain). This causes the video to look like ass when you try and play your DVD through a video player, the company behind it is also responsible for a fair few lawsuits and threats
    Region Coding: Despite breaking world trade organisation laws (WTO) by restricting global trade these mean you likely can not play back a DVD you got elsewhere in the world. More on this here:
    There is a slight subset to the called region code enhancement (abbreviated to RCE, also known as REA), it is no longer used as it contravenes some standards but what it does is check the region on your player and will not play for players that work on all regions. The decrypters I linked may take slightly longer (about a minute) to decrypt another region DVD.
    Corrupted sector: The idea has been around for years (the Amiga used it for instance), you may have heard of Sony's arrcoss which is an implementation thereof. Sony'is not the only one but the one your are most likely to ecounter, the Korean flim Old Boy uses it if you want another example.
    It tells players to skip certain sections of the disc (not all do it mind which causes jumping on some players), now when your decrypter tries to read them it fails.
    Newer decrypters and methods can bypass these bad sectors.
    You can read more of this on the DVD FAQ:
    UOP: Not encryption but worth knowing about. UOP stands user operation prohibition and is what causes you to be unable to fastforward/skip the copy this DVD and face out black ops team type message you get when you put a DVD in. Most decrypters get rid of these too.

    Now you need some decryption software
    There are techinically two I suggest using:
    DVD decrypter: Development was shut down by Macrovision but it works on the majority of titles, grab it from the ripit4me link below.
    Using a special frontend called ripit4me you can also deal with the newest corrupted sector protections.
    If you are feeling a bit more industrious check out

    DVDFab decrypter:
    A freeware decrypter that is a bit more simple than DVD decrpyter and is updated all the time:
    There is a more advanced commercial version but this should suit you.

    There are also "on the fly decryption layers", the two most common being DVD region +CSS free and AnyDVD. They are not freeware and are quite good, DVD43 is a freeware version but I do nto suggest using it.

    So now you have a shiny unencrypted DVD on your hard disk and you will likely be wondering the space went (DVDs like to have up to 10 gigabytes (technically 9 and a bit but still)), what do you do with it.
    You have a few options: burn it back to DVD with or without tweaking. With regards to tweaking a DVD my favourite example was Queen of the Damned, a rather rubbish film from a few years back but once I restored some deleted scenes to make FAST6191's cut everything made sense and the film became much better.
    Of course that is getting ahead of the game.

    As I already mentioned DVD's can get very big and your drive may be a + or - DVD drive which can only hold 4.35 gigabytes.
    This is of little worry as you can easily shrink things, my favourite method being DVD shrink or DVDRebuilder (more complex so I use this only when necessary)

    DVDShrink: Popular rumour has it the author later went on to do some of Ahead software/Nero's recode line of programs.

    You can use these programs to drop subtitles, extras, menus, audio tracks to save space and you can also increase compression to save space. I suggest using the first method and dropping stuff to make the space before increasing compression.

    That sidenote over one to the main question you asked.

    How the hell do I get this video into another format/container.

    A fine question for which there are hundreds of answers and methods.
    I shall detail a few easy ones.

    The easier way
    AutoGK (and to a lesser extent MeGUI and Gordian Knot). For the record there a few more (inlcuding other OS') but these represent among the best and in autoGK's case easiest to use.
    These programs are all about taking one sort of video and spitting out another, in the case of AutoGK this happens to be DVD to AVI using DIVX or XVID as the codec of choice. Read the manual for more infomation although it is simple enough to use out to the box. A tip from myself, use DVDshrink with no compression to select what you want audio,video and subtitle wise beforehand to avoid problems with the wrong audio.
    Gordian Knot (AutoGK's more complex brother)

    The harder way
    AVIsynth, DGIndex, VDub and co
    You will want DGMPGDec and some filters too.
    Virtual Dub:
    Virtual Dub Mpeg2 support:
    DGindex Included with the filters for AVISynth I linked but still.

    You can do the whole DVDShrink and drop the useless data, make one huge vob and decode with VDub Mepg2 thing but I do not suggest this one.

    What I suggest is sorting your decrypted DVD video out with DGIndex and then using DGMPGDec and AVIsynth to get a nice AVIsynth script which you can fire through VDub.

    You may also want subtitles:
    and are in my opion the best ways to set about it.

    Oh and AVI is dying slowly, if you want MKV video check out MVKMerge:
    You may also want a nice codec pack of sorts, I normally suggest you do not use such things but is great, you might also need an AC3 codec for decoding DVDs audio there are many being my prefered one at this point in time.
    Either way you now have a video you can make into a DPG format one for your DS (if you were really skilled you could intercept batchDPGs AVS file and stick in your own custom one if you liked).
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    Alright thanks everyone, and FAST I did read all that [​IMG]

    I'm trying it now, I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Heh simple 3 step process.

    Rip your dvd in ifo mode in dvd decrypter (choose the audio channels and subtitle channels).
    Convert to XViD AVI in AutoGK (using the audio and subtitle channels you choose)
    Convert using BatchDPG.

    Thanks to Codemaster for this method.
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    Yeah, but it spits out like 10 files which I have to compile somehow?
  8. Linkiboy

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    It takes an hour just to extract a 30 minute scene, so I said "screw it". Plus it spits them out in different files which take forever to load and put together in my video editing software.
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    I use "DVD Decrypter" to bypass CSS and it removes macrovision (i think). It's kinda hard to find on the net these days, but google it and its like the 5th link. (its definately not the first)
    You can use Region-Free DVD + CSS and that removes region, copy protection, macrovision, antifastforward stuff, CBI Warning (how it detects this i dunno, i nvr use this option), and more. And use another program it supports to do your job. Region free dvd + CSS only removes CSS and stuff; its not a standalone program. It just helps other programs do their job the way you want them to.
    Example: Nero.

    DVD decrypter spits out .VOB and i think "BatchDPG" will convert VOB into DPG. Not sure tho. Need AviSynth for BatchDPG.