Getting my downloaded transfered eShop game saves working.

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    Jan 7, 2017
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    I have a 3ds XL and recently got a New 3ds XL. I used 3 different sd cards (a 4gb, an 8 gb, and a 16 gb) with my old 3ds, and i assumed i could do the same on the new. When i first got the n3ds, i transferred the 4 gb card to the 4 gb micro sd that came with the n3ds (i used the pc method). It told me i had to wait 7 days for another transfer (which i think is pretty dumb), so i waited a week and then tried to transfer my 16 gb card to a 16 gb micro sd. when the transfer was complete, i powered on my n3ds to find that none of my games were available, and my home menu layout reverted to the default. I have several saves that i want to recover from my 16 gb card (Pokemon AS, Pokemon X, Pokemon Sun, Sm4sh, etc.), and need help figuring out how to do it. I already tried homebrew using soundhax to try to use a save manager to recover my saves, but it of course didn't recognize my games. I have a backup of the original 16 gb before transfer, and the 16 gb micro sd after transfer. the games from my 4 gb card are also unplayable. I just wanted a way to make my games usable on my n3ds, and can send screenshots or any more needed information about my situation (sorry for wall of text).
    (also this is my first time posting here so just tell me if I'm messing something up)