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    Nov 30, 2012
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    Basically, I have a couple friends who are really serious into pokemon and they are trying to get me into it as well.

    They were talking to me about genning pokemon with stats and such...is this possible or "easy" ish to do with our setups?

    Me: I have an OG switch, current FW and jigs to mod. I currently do not want to mod in case of any bans UNTIL i buy a second gen switch to transfer my main store account to so IF i am banned, i wont lose all my store stuff.

    Friend: He currently only has a switch lite. his cousin got one for christmas and he didnt want it, so he bought it for like $130 with a bunch of games cause his little cousin wanted vbucks instead... He does NOT know how to solder and due to a nerve system problem medically, he does not have 'steady hands' to mod hardware stuff.

    Note: This friend also has a 3ds, with an R4i and a powersaves...he has genned pokemon previously and stuff, but hes not certain how to get them into sword/shield.

    End Goal: We would like to gen our pokemon and "hack" our pokemon we want into the game for competitve play as we would NEED to in order to stand a chance in ranked. Nothing too extravagant and nothing illegal.

    Is this possible WITHOUT modding our switches? And if not, can he mod his lite via software or do I have to be the one to mod my switch?

    I've tried googling this for a couple days and since it seems like a lot of people are using these generation services/pokemon hacking services to make money, there aren't many tutorials on working with this...

    Personally, I just want some cool pokemon to play around with on stream.

    Thanks ahead of time!
  2. poopieface

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    May 23, 2020
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    I think you can use pkhex, local trade with legit switch, and move em to pokemon home if needed. pkhex can check if the mon is legal also.
  3. Lacius

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    May 11, 2008
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    No, somebody is going to have to use custom firmware.

    The easiest (and cheapest) thing to do would be to use CFW on your vulnerable Switch. Here's my recommendation:
    1. Remove all internet connections on your Switch
    2. Power off the Switch
    3. Enter RCM on your exploitable Switch
    4. Launch Hekate by pushing the Hekate payload over a USB-C connection
    5. Make a full NAND backup, and backup your BOOT0/1. Store them somewhere safe.
    6. Download Atmosphere and put it onto your SD card
    7. Download fusee-primary (next to Atmosphere)
    8. Download Checkpoint and put it into the /switch/ folder on your SD card.
    9. Boot your Switch into Atmosphere by entering RCM and pushing the fusee-primary payload.
    10. Enter the Homebrew Launcher by booting a game while holding R using title override. Alternatively, you can enter the photo album, but title override is recommended.
    11. Load Checkpoint
    12. Dump your Pokemon save file
    13. On your computer, open your Pokemon save file using PKHex
    14. Make/edit whatever Pokemon you want. Save the new save file and put it onto your SD card.
    15. Restore the edited save file to your Switch using Checkpoint
    16. Trade your edited Pokemon to your friend using local play
    17. Load Hekate and restore your clean NAND backup. Immediately power off the system after it's done.
    18. Boot the Switch normally.
    By doing these steps, your risk of being banned is near zero. By restoring the clean NAND backup, you will lose the edited save, but you can trade the edited Pokemon back to your Switch from your friend's Switch.
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