Getting a N3DS XL (use Wii U acc?)

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    Mar 2, 2016
    Hello everyone,
    Im about to get a new 3ds today.
    I don't know the firm I will get but let's pretend It'll be 1,8,0 so the newest one.
    So as far as ive read on there is the seed miner method which requires a DSI ware game.

    So after installing Coldboot on my Wii U which required to download a Virtual console game from the Eshop I have about 8€left on this account.

    So first off my Wii U is not banned whatsoever, so can I safely use this account on my 3ds?
    I'm new to the 3ds scene but I've heard things like Nintendo instantly detects when u have Luma installed.
    Will they ban the Wii U if the 3ds gets banned?
  2. E1ite007

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    Nov 19, 2016
    Yep. Totally safe because it's clean.
    Technically yes, but hasn't been a ban since the 11.8.0 (not 1.8.0) rolled up because of CFW. There are certain "rules" that someone has to follow to avoid any ban like not cheating online, not playing games before it gets released, not gettin' yourself items or credits in free-to-play games that support in-game shopping, and other more that are pretty idiotic (like sending your console to Ninty for software repairment).
    They would ban your NNID, so yeah… technically yes (as far as I know).
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